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A small electric drill (proxxon/dremel/minicraft) will be very helpfull.

Don't ask which one, because everyone is sure his is the best.


A couple of good knives (I like the swann morton very much)


Perhaps a soldering iron (or, as some will explain, a soldering torch is better)


Can't help you beyond that, becuase I don't have more experience than that myself :)



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Have a look here: http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-materials-and-tools.php


What the others said applies.  There's two articles.   The first is Basic Hand Tools... as Druxey said, buy them when you need them.  The second article is Tools Not To Bother With.   There's others than what's in the article but it's a good primer.


Edit.. I just caught this.. I pasted the wrong link in here.. <sigh>  I'll go stand in the corner for penance.

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