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I'm currently working on a 20 gun frigate. It's a fictions ship for a friend so I have some flexibility as to what goes into it. The plans I have aren't detailed when it comes to the deck so I've been planning out what I want where but I feel like I'm missing things. So far I have a general idea on where to put hatches, I know where the stove pipe is going. I have a general idea for the ships bell. I think the windlass went below the fore deck so I won't worry about that. What am I missing? Also to open it up a bit more what are the essentials furniture that should be on deck given you wave no plans for them?

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Firstly, I'd suggest looking for a deck layout of a similar sized ship on the Royal Greenwich Museums website under the ship plans search engine.


Secondly, crew members take some of the emphasis away from an empty deck, Perry Miniatures and Amati do some good 28mm tall figures that fit 1:64 well. Also, try building the gun equipment like the worm and sponge. That won't be easy to start off with but I'm sure you'll find a method eventually.


Lastly, things like chicken coops, flag lockers and cannon shot storage can easily be made from wood scraps.


Can you post a photo of the deck at it's current stage of construction so we can see what's missing?

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I recently found these Newline Design figures. I had forgotten to post about them yesterday. They look fantastic and the hands, heads, and feet all look to be at the right scale as well. I believe 28mm Scale is a very popular Wargamming Scale, and the figures I searched for in the past were of the "bulbous head, hands and feet" variety that personally I think would ruin any model.

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Thank you for all the ideas. It's been fun looking at the various ideas and how the fit my current project. My ship will be a 20 gun frigate from 1710ish.


Companion ways are totally in I think I'll add those. Binnacles however weren't invented until mid 18th century.


I will be doing a ships boat and boarding stairs. Ships wheels were interesting. They were invented around 1710 but not widely used until 1715. Per the friend I'm building this for I'm leaving the wheel off.


Water barrels are a good idea. Buckets might be a bit much since the scale of the ship will be around 1:370 to 1:400.


I have looked at a ton of photos and got a few good ideas. Most admiralty models it seems were focused on the beams and planking and left a lot of the furniture off. Chicken coops lockers and the like are great ideas though.


I'll definently look into the figures. I don't thing I'll use them for this project but maybe another one. The ship will be bottled so I don't want to go too crazy but I wanted to add more detail then I have in the past. Your posts have all been really helpful.

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