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Get this book... http://carvingbook.weebly.com/  Bill is a sponsor here and this book is worth it's weight in gold.  By detailing, I'm assuming you mean the carving part?  


Also in the scratch area, there's logs that have the carvings done and most have info on how they did it.   Also, there's an excellent starter topic here:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/501-carved-figure-heads-and-decorations/?hl=carvings

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Grant Dale (expertly directed by Danny Vadas) did a rework of Victory's stern a few years ago.  Unfortunately most of the details were lost with the great MSW crash of 2013, but he did post a short photo summary of the job on the first page of his resurrected log.  That log can he found here:




The photos may give some inspiration for process, or maybe someone saved the details of the re-build and will post them as a result of seeing this.



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