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extra partial (top timber) frame

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Can someone tell me the proper name for any extra partial top timber frame?


I was into a rhythm drawing my frames and suddenly noticed something was wrong.

After about 20 minutes I suddenly saw it tuck in between two frames above a gun port.


(see the attached image below)


Of course I had some choice names for it at the time, but now that I've had time to...  reflect...  I probably should be calling it something else.


Thanks in advance for your help with this.




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My guess is:  filler top .


In any case,  what you show is a nightmare.  Tapered timbers - shifted timbers.  re-enforces my preference for planking everything from the main wale on up. In which case, it is easier and makes for a more stable hull to fill the spaces above the main wale with timbers.

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Thank you for the very good suggestion Jagger!


It was suggested this would take some research to find out.

I'm guessing it was not that common.


I have a small library that I will look through once more... and of course there is the inter-web which I will delve into further but I have a feeling you may be correct as it may have just been a "toptimber filler piece" as opposed to that sneaky little so and so.


For the present mine will be referred to affectionately :rolleyes:  as Waldo.


Regarding your comment on the choice of build... there are moments I feel I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I have nothing but time and I can be very patient but certainly never quit.  I am hoping it will be more fun than it seems. It will definitely be a worthy challenge.... and ah loves a challenge!



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Peter Goodwin (Sailing Man of War, 1987, pg.15,16) and C.N. Longridge (Anatomy of Nelson's Ships, 1981, pg.19) both call them "lengthening pieces".  DH Roberts' translation of Blaise Ollivier's Remarks on the Navies of the English and the Dutch (1992, pg.65) calls them "fifth futtocks", but this is a translation of Ollivier's best guess on the subject.  Generally, I believe they're also occasionally called "filling pieces".  This seems to be the case whether they're above a port sill, as in your example, or attached to an unbroken bend.

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