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Lowering Cannons on USS Constitution

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I have an issue with my USS Constitution cannons. They sit a little high in the gun ports. Only about 1 1/2 mm to 2 mm but it's noticeable. The options I have thought of are to


1) place a small 1 1/2 mm piece of wood under the but of the barrel


2) make the notch deeper that the wheel axles sit in


3) cut notches in the axle where it mounts to the carriage


4) make a flat spot on the wheels.


5) make a different carriage all together.


If you have tried any of these or have a better remedy I sure would like to hear from you




Greg H.

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Also, if you click on the drawing provided above, make sure your axles are at least as high as the drawing, check the height proportionally of the trunnions, side cheeks, basically everything to each other.  You may find something you can alter to make up the difference.

Once specific guns and carriages were determines, the carpenters would adjust as needed to make the guns fit the port openings; your situation is not unusual, especially with your guns and ship coming from different manufacturers.

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From the first photo it does look as if the trunnion C/L is to high, it also looks as if the trunnions are at the bottom of the barrel, not the C/L of the bore. That was done with Cannonades not with cannons and required a different mount with slides etc.. Think you might have the proper carriages but the wrong guns to go with those carriages.

jud :pirate41:

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