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Fair Rosamund by guillemot - 1/144th scale

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Hi, been a while since I contributed much to this forum. Life got busy. Last year we re-located from Portugal back home to the UK, Isle of Wight to be precise. I started this build some time ago when it dawned on me that my re-worked Occre kit of the Dos Amigos/Fair Rosamund was going to work out a bit to big to put anywhere! If I'd had any brains I would have done this to the same 1/96th scale that I did. Anyway without further ado, as they say. Here's a load of photos to bring it up to date. I carved the hull from lime, intending to do a full hul model this time...f-ros_1_zps5omvxnoi.jpg


Lots of shavings....f-ros_zps7jfdzlwf.jpg


To do the deck I cut the shape from .5mm ply and decked with Lime shavings.fair-ros_3_zpsiccy5gtq.jpg


Then I gave into a whim and waterlined it. The hull planking was done in strips of paper.fair-ros_2_zps4eznqa3u.jpg


The hull was duly painted and what little coppering was going to show was added on.fair-ros_zpsqw2ix95z.jpg


At about this stage I carved the base  - a change is as good as a rest!base_zpsygoilxok.jpg


So onto the deck fittings. I have a little Proxxon wood lathe, which has been a great boon. I managed to turn a little carronade on it.carr-01_zpsw7bqhddj.jpg





Deck house/trunk trunk_zpsyycgk68c.jpg


Started on the head decoration...fair-ros_13_zpsarxmkawg.jpg


Still needing anchors and a boat, but starting to look shipshape, I think.rope_2_zps41rjf3ps.jpg


Started making masts yesterday. Procrastinating on the jolly boat....mainmast_zpsyndfqgzc.jpg


So that brings it up to date. Long way to go and loads of questions, like did she have a full top on the foremast like Dolphin? Where the heck did they stow the boat? Etc., etc.

More soon and ta for looking.
















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I'm liking these smaller builds.   Your's is really looking sharp.

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

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Decided to try doing the ships boat a different way - a vac formed hull. First I needed a vacu-form...some 6mm ply, hardboard, a bit of graft and hey presto-ish.



It seemed a good idea as the hull works out to about 30 mm - tiny. ITW as pretty straightforward, carveda  blank, heated a piece of plastic card in the frame and turned on the vacuum cleaner. Fitting out the tiny hull was a different story...tiny bits of heavy paper - hot press watercolor. made up the innards.

The oarsa re from brass wire with the ends flattened to make the blades, then painted.



I still can't work out where the boat would have been stowed as the centre line is rather crowded between the masts. Any ideas?

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Right, been a while... so a lot of progress has been made, on and off, with this build. Here's the incredibly long mainmast...




I've re-done the crosstrees on both masts since this as I wasn't sure they were accurate. Still not totally sure but I think these are a lot closer anyway.


Started work detailing the masts prior to raising them. Mast hoops are necessary, even if you aren't putting on sails, they outta be there, allegedly - they weren't on my first build. I got the method I used from Philip Reed's book. Basically, you roll brown gummed tape around a bit of dowel slightly larger than the mast, making sure you don't stick the first wind to the dowel...trust me. When the roll has dried you can cut of rings. by rolling a scalpel  over the tape roll, close to it's end....not so very easy to get nice, thin rolls at this scale. I did a large one as well to see how that went...much easier. When you cut them off, you dip 'em into thin CA which hardens them up. If necessary, you can then rub them on some wet'n dry to thin them.


Added spider bands and belaying pins - little bits of wire through really small eyebolts!




The masts are now up, all of the main and the lower fore...





and the anchors are aboard...




In between knocking out a couple more illustrations and starting a painting, I've been working out what to do about blocks - gonna need a lot - and decided that doing them 'the old way would probably work as well as anything....so here's a couple of samples. Meanwhile, I ordered a very small machine vice which will allow me to hold the tiny strips of Degame accurately for drilling. I also have a small xy table coming as well, wanted one for a long time and it will be quite a help mass producing blocks.



All for now, thanks for looking

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that's a nice model!

What type of wood is your base? (and how are you going to paint it?)



The base is Lime and it's painted! Forgot to put that bit up....

Early on on the process... Lime is easy to carve



and some paint applied...there's been a lot more paint applied since this shot, but I've been a bit lazy with the camera. I'll take some more soon!


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I spent some time at sea many years ago and I now live near the sea. I also look at video of the sea and pillage the web for useful aerial sots of the sea - I also paint marine subjects.. Then I get out the gouges and chisels, decide on where the wind and sea are coming from and start carving without references. 

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The rigging saga continues... Lots of deadeyes need. Here are two - about 2mm in diameter.



doing these would have been pretty unlikely till I bought an xy table




Got it reasonably cheaply from a company in Germany. Those are blocks awaiting drilling in the vise.

Here's one being seized to a shroud with fly-tying thread.


Before the shrouds can go up, the mast-tackles need setting up. They were used to move heavy items about the deck.



Two shrouds up...port side.



This is a way of making sure your ratlines are evenly spaced at about 15 scale inches



and the result



and here are some blocks ...in the process. Slow? Tedious? Hellyeah. Start with them oversize, drill and then take them down to finished size, hoping to get within shouting distance of scale...



Here's a book I reckon is one of the more valuable books in my library. A lot of the info pertains to the old days, very old days, but still. Davis was around when Clippers were still around, even if rather cut down from the glory days.


and lastly, a selction of the usual suspects of my rigging tools... Te things that look like nail clippers arefly-tying nippers, very useful for neatening up knots etc., they cut dead flush.


Thanks for looking.

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Just ran across this, good to find you again!



 Current build: Syren : Kit- Model Shipways


Side project: HMS Bounty - Revel -(plastic)

On hold: Pre-owned, unfinished Mayflower (wood)


Past builds: Scottish Maid - AL- 1:50, USS North Carolina Battleship -1/350  (plastic),   Andromede - Dikar (wood),   Yatch Atlantic - 14" (wood),   Pirate Ship - 1:72 (plastic),   Custom built wood Brig from scratch - ?(3/4" =1'),   4 small scratch builds (wood),   Vietnamese fishing boat (wood)   & a Ship in a bottle






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