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Sand/Cut a Corner Edge

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Hi Everyone - I'm not real experienced with my Byrnes Table Saw yet. I imagine there is probably an easy trick for what I need to do.


First off the table saw does not have the angled deck option. I have a 1/8"x1/8" strip that I need to take off one of the corner edges for the length of the strip. Obviously the angled deck would have solved my problem, but I'm guessing there are other ways to do this.


If the piece was larger, I would probably just use my disk sander. But I don't feel comfortable sanding a smooth even surface on a 1/8" stick.


How would you do it?

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What I did one time was build a sled out of some scrap.  I then mound the strip I wanted to cut to a piece of scrap using it to create the angle I needed.   This allowed me to keep my fingers away from the blade.   I had the bevel cut jig mounted to a little sled I made from scrap.



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Gaetan - I am not thinking out of the box yet. You obviously are. I have 1/8" sheet that could be sanded then cut.


grsjax - I do have a good thumb plane. However the corner edge that will be removed will be face up on the deck (the strip is used for coamings) . I'm afraid the slightest inconsistency will be quite obvious. Not sure I trust myself to get it perfect for about 36" of strip.


Thanks everyone, I'm going to give Gaetan's idea a try this evening.

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I think that a  hand plane would be the best choice -- a 60-1/2 is an excellent choice for all-around work, or a 102/103.  It would be used with a shooting board and block on the plane to hold it at the desired angle..  


By the way, look at these miniature beauties from Lee Valley (under the Small Planes category) ; they would probably be excellent:





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