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Revell Rattlesnake 1779


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Revell Ratlesnake 1779


I came across this kit by chance and would like more information on it. I have been able to find very little searching the internet. I believe it to be a re-badge of a 'Hegi' kit or 'Tris'. I have found photographs of the kit with both of these kit manufacturers some where in the instructions. There is a date of 1978 0n the box.


Not sure of scale but kit is 685mm long by 465 high. It is double planked with the usual plank on bulkhead construction. It comes with 5 sheets of plans and an instruction book which, unfortunately for me, is in German.


Materials supplied are comparable with most of the modern Italian manufacturers although I may have some re-working of bulkheads to do and plywood sheets are not laser cut so will test my scroll saw cutting abilities.










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When you do the conversion from the metric dimensions, this kit is 1/64 scale, the same size as the Mamoli and Model Shipways kits. This kit, as well as the other European kits of this vessel, are based on the Model Shipways kit. That kit was based on Howard Chapelle's original research on the Rattlesnake from the early 1930s. He first presented his redrawn plan of this vessel in his book History of American Sailing Ships, published in 1935. His plan was based on the original British draught from when she was captured.


The original Model Shipways kit was introduced in the 1950s and it was a solid hull kit. They changed it to a POB hull in the 1990s.



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It does have English translations on the box sides and on the plans, it is only the instruction book that only has German. Makes me think that it did at  one time have an English booklet as well. A shame because, judging by diagrams, it looks to be in-depth.


Does anyone know what other kits they did and if they were brought up by another company? Could this be the Mamoli kit for instance?

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Hello Thunder,


i dont know if it is of any use for you and if that is the same or similar model, but here is a link to the instruction manual of the "Rattlesnake" by Model Shipways in English language.





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Hello Hyposphagma, thank you for that, it will be very useful. The kit is very different to model shipways, judging by what you have sent me, obviously not derived from that one. Photographs of scratch built and other model makes seem very different to the Model Shipways kit especially in regard to hull proportions. Is this what builders have found or is it just the kit art photographs that give this impression.

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