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In the very informative reference books I have regarding the Bounty, they state the Navy Board was unlikely to authorize any changes in decoration other than painting the hull.

 The standard  colours of the day were blue for the plank, black for the wale and yellow for the trim including planksheer, rails, stanchions, taffrails and headrails. The deck, masts and yards were left as natural wood and the cabin panelling was painted white


Donald Leaton.

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There are no known contemporary pictures of her. The cover of the "Anatomy of the Ship" series book is about as close as anything. But look carefully a lot of what appears black is really dark brown.


I grew up with the image of the bounty from the 1960's movie: Blue Hall with yellow molding. It hard to let go of and accept the duller but more likely alternative

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Drown you may, but go you must and your reward shall be a man's pay or a hero's grave

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What do you have for the underwater hull?  In the 1780s copper was coming in, and an expedition like this one would be expected to spend years in tropical waters far from a base.  Otherwise, you would probably be looking for a white underwater hull.

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After the mutiny, Capt Bligh's voyage and the trial of the mutineers the Bounty had become one of the most famous vessels in history.  It was big news several times years apart. Had she been painted in any but the most normal colors of the day surely it would have been mentioned.  You could picture some old harbor drunk saying"I knew that bright pink ship would come to no good" But all the sources are silent on her appearance, so it must have been plain as can be. I wouldn't get to decorative. If you look at William Dodd's aquatint of Captain Bligh being put into the boat, there is not a drop of blue on her. Dodd was contemporary with the events but I do not think he could ever have claimed to have seen her. He could have met some those who sailed on her though  color scheme used on the recent Endevour  replica would probably serve. Here is one I think might not be too far off:



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Drown you may, but go you must and your reward shall be a man's pay or a hero's grave

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On 11/28/2019 at 9:20 PM, shipman said:

Wasn't the 'Bounty' a converted merchant ship 'Bethea' ? Possibly a collier; if so that wouldn't have much point having colour, except black! Or was that the 'Endeavour' ? Don't under estimate the modellers choice of colours to keep 'her indoors' happy!

Tell me about it!  I have already been told by the Boss the Blue of the Bounty "Doesn't go" with our light green walls where the shelf is that I intend to place my Bounty when finished! 😂

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I used Admiralty paints on my Bounty. Excellent. 
- French Blue

- Red Ochre

- Yellow Ochre





Current Build: - OcCre Shackleton’s Endurance. 


Completed Ship Builds:

                                     Caldercraft - HM Bark Endeavour. (in Gallery)

                                    Caldercraft  - HMAV Bounty (in Gallery)

                                     Caldercraft - HM Brig Supply (In Gallery)

                                     Aeropiccola - Golden Hind

                                                        - Constitution

                                     Clipper Seawitch (maker unknown - too long ago to remember!)

                                     Corel - Victory

                                     Modeller's Shipyard - A Schooner of Port Jackson - In Gallery

                                                                      - Brig `Perseverance' - In Gallery

                                                                      - Cutter `Mermaid'- In Gallery

                                                                      - Sirius Longboat (bashed) - In Gallery

                                                                      - Sloop Norfolk - In Gallery

                                      Completed Cannon:   - French 18th Century Naval Cannon

                                                                      - Napoleonic 12 pound field piece

                                                                      - English 18th Century Carronade

                                       Non Ship Builds - Sopwith Camel - Artesania Latina

                                                                   - Fokker DR1 - Artesania Latina


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