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  1. Late to this one. The first collection has a photograph of the junction, Hackney Road and Cambridge Heath Road. I lived just a stone's throw from there for 10 years, yet I found it unrecognisable. So much of that area was flattened during the WW2 blitz.
  2. Just a thought.......if you're worried about pencil graphite smudging. Alight pass with a soft eraser may help. One of the first items we were asked to provide in our first tech drawing class was fresh home made white bread, kneaded into a ball. Turned out to be the best eraser of all.
  3. An erudite and practical view of this topic, Bob. Watch YouTube vids of boatbuilders at work. Craftsmen share a lifetime's experience, confirming your comments.
  4. When covid started I was clean shaven and bald.
  5. Hi Ron. I'm on board after realising 'a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do'. Not sure if you want to make new decks and fix what details there are to that. Or, do you wish to keep the decks but replace those hatches. Apart from a few location holes there isn't much else. There are those who would encourage you to make wooden decks, and that may be a good idea with this job. The original decks would be fine to fix planking to. That's beyond my territory. Whatever you do, make some sort of paper copy to record details you will need later. As they a
  6. Hoping all goes well with your build, Ron. Another ha'porth....I think the lozeng coloured decoration so often perpatrated could be entirely spurious. Plenty of room for sober reflection on that.
  7. The 'Bambi' is a female red deer, an heraldic emblem used by Drakes sponsor. The ship was launched as 'Pelican', but a year later was re-named 'Golden Hind', to honour the sponsor. There must be accounts of the ship at Deptford; but does that record survive....a lot of people must have visited. It must be remembered, the Thames would have been full of similar ships, so the only distinctive feature would be the ships deterioration. Any structural and decorative details for this ship simply don't exist, so conjecture is the only option. 'the general shape
  8. Many souvenirs were made from salvaged wreck items. I have a small treen oak and ivory 'ring tree' with tiny a handwritten in copperplate description pasted on the bottom.
  9. Aye lad. It's the lifelong curse of being a Yorkshireman. Can't help it. Well....I can, but to me some things are simply beyond the pale. What matters the most here on this forum is we should all enjoy what we do. I've had my rant, so now I can comfortably sit back and let you prove me wrong.
  10. Ok Ron, I'm going to upset everyone and spit my dummy out. When you've got to the level of your Victory, don't waste your new found skills on this travesty of a kit, which always looks best with the lid kept firmly on the box. This applies to any ship kit from this period, except the Vasa, which has the improbable advantage of being here for all to see for what it is. There you go.....I'm a bad 'un, trying to save you from yourself. Because I care.
  11. Good luck with that one, RON. I'm sure you'll build this one to even higher standards than your excellent 'Victory'. No doubt you'll enjoy hunting references.
  12. Jonathan, I'm following your splendid project. I'm looking forward to it's completion, hopefully you will do something about the dogs dinner surroundings when you present your final photo's.
  13. I've never found a contour gauge that was fine enough. Somewhere there is a post discussing this. It is feasible to make your own. A length of softened copper wire does a fair job.
  14. Me again! Keeping up the good work, I see. Don't know if you intend keeping the boats in that position.....they would always be keel down on a ship like the Victory.
  15. What a lovely job, Backer, quite an accomplishment. Good luck to you all and hope you're back to normal soon.
  16. Support your sponsor. Who would argue with that here.
  17. Backer is making a damn good job with his Bounty and doing his best to make it convincing. I agree with your historical comments on rigging practices, wefalk. With all due respect to Backer, he's got limited resources available and it seems to me he's happy with the overall 'impression' he's getting. And why not? He's doing fine and building his confidence. Sometimes the right thing can get in the way. Tomorrow is always a new day; to be welcomed, so we can go forward with what we learned yesterday.
  18. Mmm, drilling and shaping 1mm long blocks? I'm sure it can be done only by you. You'll be doing the same with poppy seeds next. Wait...I was joking.
  19. A few deft strokes with a pointed needle file or a scalpel tip would help 'fair' the hole in the block; much as should be done to advantage with deadeye holes.
  20. What a fine study of a Cutter, you'd never guess it started life as a kit. Splendid!
  21. Joseph, your models enrich my enthusiasm for life by showing what we are capable of if we try.
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