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  1. Can't remember which Marx Brothers film it was.....it's the one based in 'Freedonia'. Groucho sings a song about all the freedoms they were proud of. Look it up and tick the boxes where we've lost each of those freedoms.
  2. I'm one of the UK Astra Zeneca clotting victims. I've had no help or advice at all. When I tried to get help I was referred to an on-line 'yellow card' notification site .gov. Had a call today offering the second jab......and for the first time someone took me seriously. As a result, I think the smelly stuff will be hitting the fan. Symptoms:- swollen feet and breathlessness at the slightest effort. Over a month later, I increased my daily aspirin dose. The feet swelling soon went, but I'm still getting breathless. I may have dodged a bullet (just). The thing to remember is
  3. Had a breeze through my collection .... all of which are marked 'Boxwood'. Have a few yard sticks and a yard long implement for measuring shoe sizes. I used to pick them up because of the lovely warm colour and patina ... and a bit of history.
  4. I'm sorry if I have vexed some members on the copyright issue and sincere apologies to 'ON' for unintentionally using his post in this regard. My last word on the matter here is this googled response to my question applied to the USA..... ''Codified in Section 107 of the Copyright Act, fair use allows persons other than the copyright owner to make certain limited uses of copyrighted material without the copyright owner's permission (17 U.S.C. § 107). Fair use is an affirmative defense to copyright infringement. ... Nature of the copyrighted work''.
  5. Again......'fair use' allows the use of selected images to illustrate a point. In this 'educational' context, copy right issues are mute. Period. Guidelines. Fair use explicitly allows use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. ... Nature of the work: For copying paragraphs from a copyrighted source, fair use easily applies
  6. Some may think warships of this era are bland and colourless, generally being, well, 'battleship grey'. I admire the finish on your model, which is fine and consistent. One of my grandfathers was a cook in the merchant navy throughout WW2, living what must have been a charmed life, crossing the Atlantic umpteen times. Strange, he never talked about it. My other grandfather was not so lucky. His ship, the aircraft carrier 'Courageous' was sunk by a U-boat in the first week of the 'Phony War' and went down with over 500 of his shipmates; leaving a wife and five kids traum
  7. Channell, enjoying your build of this handsome, pugnacious subject. Strange how this one trip ship captures the imagination, even today.
  8. The Vanguard model is, I think, on display now at the maritime museum in Glasgow. Back home, so to speak? Don't know of any other reason to visit Glasgow.
  9. WOW! Just found your latest post....sails. Fabulous! We need a separate sail tutorial please.
  10. Like the rest of the ship model collection, the magnificent builders model of HMS Vanguard has disappeared from the London Science Museum.
  11. Enjoyed the contrast between the two kits. Let's face it, they were generations apart. You did a fine job on both.
  12. The only way to get 100% accuracy on any rigging is to have a piece of paper with a certified dimension written on it. Which is why Steele et al are so relied upon. Then it's a direct scale element. I accept that. As numerous as Naval vessels were, they must have been considerably more civilian vessels which had no official 'establishment' tables to follow until very late into the sail era. They used what did the job.
  13. It's so easy to get bogged down by the minutia within this hobby, especially newcomer/amateur/average members. There is a wealth of examples of models on this forum, made by folk who know and always will know far more than you will ever get the opportunity learn. I don't think my suggestion here will be very popular in certain circles. However, here goes.... Study these models made by what I may term 'academics' of the subject. Rigging, for example, has dimensions that were empirically developed over hundreds of years. The 'academic' modeller has the resources and invested time
  14. Greg, your children and grandchildren will inherit what will be their world. It will then be their responsibility to make decisions for themselves. As for colonising outer space.....what has it done to deserve us? Life was, is and always will be a 'near death experience' (NDE) Wisdom is a rare thing which each successive generation must re-discover and try to share. It's surprising how blind and deaf the human race is after all this time.
  15. What are they looking for? Wil they tell us the truth when they find it? It must be sooooooooooooopa special to be spending so much of your tax dollars on it. I do wish success for everyone involved.
  16. John, as the son goes.....'I've looked at it from all sides now....' Definitely a long bent 'pole'. Initially I thought it may be a boom of some sort, stored there, but closer inspection shows it to be permanently fixed.
  17. Anyone got suggestions as to the function of the long brown 'pole' just under CUTTY SARK name plate at the bow?
  18. It may be a worthwhile exorcise to slit the exacto handle and insert a flat plate (just wide enough to prevent the tool from rolling) with blended edges and held in place by copper wire rivets?
  19. Thanks BANYAN. I find all this jiggery pokery so none intuitive. Meaningless symbols everywhere. May as well spend time learning Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  20. Hi Cirdan. Just followed your advice and got the photo's of the Maltsev model. Lovely work on the mast structures, especially the riveting! Interesting detail:- the inside of the bulwarks are painted black......and it looks ok. The boarding ladder looks to be far too long? Still, a feature not always depicted. I wonder where it was stored when not in use? Was this a scratch build? I'm so impressed with it. Shame it never got to completion, it would be one of the very best.
  21. Thanks for the pics of the late Mr Maltsev model. Very impressive. The Russian 'Modelsworld'.......Firefox doesn't seem to have a translation function. The site does have a Union flag 'button', but provides no English text.
  22. Thank you for that, John. As I stated, the bottle was unopened by me. Perhaps the stuff was low grade rubbish.
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