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hello friends!

i just boat the Disc sander TG 125/E

and i can say that tool is from the category : "Must have"

a very good quality there is degrees guide and the table also can move with degrees guide (beside the ruler !)

i just want to ask if some one has this tool and if he know about alternative for sandpapers Because for that tool you need a spacial sand paper that cam with sticker 

best regards!


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Hi Michael!


I just received the same Proxxon TG125 last week, but I have yet to fire it up.  I ordered mine through Amazon (needed it quickly for a project that ended up falling through...oh well, finally got a sander), and got some additional sanding disks at the same time.  I found a pack of some random brand of 5" discs with adhesive backing - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JX4LJT0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


These are pretty cheap ($12 for 50 discs in assorted grits), but I haven't been able to test the quality yet.

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Is the surface of the actual disk a smooth metal surface?


If so, after an adventure with Weldwood contact cement- it holds for sure - but it does so a bit too well - I used Naptha - a thinner/solvent to denature it - then had to scrape to get clean. A last resort choice.

I find that Elmer's or Best Test paper cement holds well enough - just apply a liberal coat to both surfaces and mount the sandpaper when it has dried a bit. It will rub off the metal surface with your thumb - once you peel the paper away.


Norton makes sheet sandpaper that holds up --  the 3X has plain paper backing and is excellent --  the 7X and 10X have a coating that is incompatible with both rubber cement and contact cement.   The paper cement actually took the Norton film with it, so perhaps it can be removed with Mineral Spirits - or other paint thinners/solvents and then used  OR  the 10X tends to get sticky from friction heat -  so I may try adhering a disc by laying it flat, putting the metal disk on top and heating up the disk with my heat gun.  My disk is Al so it transfers heat quickly.

WoodCraft has rolls of cloth backed sanding media - I use it on my sanding planer - 4" wide but I am pretty sure it comes wider - probably overkill for a 5" disc sander - but it will hold up.

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They do make disks for the sanders in "standard" (for some value of "standard") sizes with come with sticky back on them.   I use them not just for my disk sander but also when making sanding sticks, etc.  Here in the States I get them at the local hardware/lumber/home improvement store but I have seen them online.   A variety of grits and types of grit seem to be available for reasonable money.

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amazon no send to israel :(

but i think the best way is to find adaptor or to make one 

fo fit Hook & Loop because you can find the sandpaper disk in any store and it cost cents 

I thought to buy a pad that can fit the "Hook & Loop" and to glue that pad on a sandpaper of Proxxon with a carpenters glue or some strong glue

and than i will be able to buy what ever i need i mean the type of the sand paper for cents  


I thought to buy a pad fit and paste it on the glass paper with glue Proxxon
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