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Plastic Wood or Wood filler

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Hi Everyone,


I would like to know if there is any advantage or disadvantage in using plastic wood or wood filler.

I was at the store and they were out of Elmer Wood Filler so I picked up DAP plastics wood.


My Elmer is almost out so but I do anything I could regret i am looking for advice.





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My preference is Hobbylite.  Sands really easily, holds an edge, extremely lite (used in RC aircraft) and a little less expensive and won't dry out.  If it dries a little just add a couple drops of water to reconstitute.  $5.00 at Tower Hobbies, on-line.  I had the same jug now through 4-5 big ships.



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Hello Les here. I use Dap for filling gaps in wood for painting. One thing to be aware of is that when dry it is very hard and tough to sand. Best to fill very light coats so you minimize sanding. If applied over a soft wood you will sand out the wood before the filler. for softer work I use a water based filler.

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