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Planking repairs

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Hello Les here. I have another question about ship building tools. Once again it seemed a good idea at the time. I recieved my  Mantua plank bending tool. I'm saving time now.  Tried it out, seems interesting but, it crushes the wood on the inside so you don't get a smooth curve on the outside. You get kind of get a 20 degree bend? For 1st planking it might be okay as you can sand out the abrupt bends on the outside. Any input on this magic tool?

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I bought one of these magic tools many years ago.  It actually is useful for a down-n-dirty first planking with a soft wood such as basswood.  But if you are careful with the tool and make many small impressions rather than a few large ones the outside of the plank should be reasonably smooth.  

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Hello Les here. Ok, I have a new one for you guys. I purchased the Amati electric plank bending tool. It supplies a jig for forming curves. Have tried it out on the long boat for the Endeavour. Works great. Have used the forward portion of the decking to make a template for the planking. If you cut a form with your bandsaw it could potentially work for some compound curves. So do I need to hide under my desk in shame on this one or did I get it right?

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