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Hello Les here. I though I could get ahead of the game by CAing some of the parts of my DJ Parkins etch set. I am now assembling the parts and realise that CA does not stand up to the soldering process, it boils out when heated. My concern is I am now working on the bandstand for the main gun on my 1/72 Snowberry. My question. Is there a way to disolve the CA so I could solder then assemble the parts?

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Soak them in acetone.  Depending on how long the CA has cured and how much, it may take awhile.

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CA dissolves with acetone, but it's nasty stuff. Be sure use gloves, have a lot of ventilation and avoid splashing it on yourself. Just immerse the PE in the acetone for a few minutes and the pieces should come apart easily. Be sure to clean the pieces very well before soldering.





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Hello mtaylor. Thnx for the info. Photo etch is a great push forward for builders as it gives great detail. Building as I have found can be challenging at best. My biggest struggle has been with building up the micro small parts into larger bits.It's starting to frustrate me. I know if I stick with it I can build a museum quality replica. Most of my issues end up being lack of information on how to do the job and experience.

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