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King of the Mississippi by Snoepert - Artensia Latina - scale 1:80

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I have done some extra things and using shizkabaab sticks for the handrails and fixing them to the wall with twisted wire.

The washed walls have come up better than my expectations.

I have now stuck down the two parts to the deck and thanks for the warning on the holes not matching






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Thanks for that PaulV.

Yeah I think maybe I should have stuck to the original plan and put a thin strip around the reveals of the windows and then squeeze the window in.

I am not changing this now and will put the shutters on any way.

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Started working on the stairs.Big mistake I made was to build two in the same direction.Need to keep checking twice before I cut I suppose never the less it was quicker the second time around.I find this part is so far the most challenging. I must thank John46 for his most informative method in setting this stair build up.challengingpost-12564-0-65271100-1481286385.jpgpost-12564-0-51145500-1481286396.jpgpost-12564-0-79315500-1481286407.jpgpost-12564-0-82535900-1481286419.jpgpost-12564-0-46436300-1481286429.jpgpost-12564-0-78591800-1481286439.jpg

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Just thought I would show the display cabinet I made to display my projects.

In the top left corner is the model of the Sybiac made in Vietnam and this was the ship I migrated on with my family when I was 5 years old.

In the middle small bay is my first model I made called the Port Jackson and then below is my second construction,this is a Botter boat I brought back from Holland.

Top right hand corner is the Souvereign of the Seas by Agostini and will be worked after I finish the Mississippi.

Below this my Endeavour which I completed last month.

Hope you find this of interest.I find this stuff very relaxing work.

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I have been getting some good fre time and moving along.

There has been a lot of work on the wheel house and I have framed all the windows with plastic sheeting behind.

The biggest mistake was that I glued the 3rd level on back to front and had a big job removing it and putting it right.

Some damage was done but I hopefully rectified it.post-12564-0-80671600-1483099264_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-06383500-1483099386_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-36870700-1483099612_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-07114900-1483099626_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-05728100-1483099641_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-37881500-1483099659_thumb.jpg


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