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Hello from Manchester, UK


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I've been lurking a while, and reading lots of information on this site.


I'm brand new to wooden ship modelling, so new in fact, that I haven't yet started! I've done some plastic modelling over the years, mostly aircraft, but wooden ships have been percolating at the back of my mind for as long as I can remember. I've decided now is the time to try.


I think it will be a little while yet before I get so far as purchasing a kit. I have probably 90% of the tools required by, virtue of previous modelling, and having worked a little in wood for other purposes, such as building electric guitars (purely for fun). But what I am lacking is space. My "workshop" is currently more akin to Steptoe's yard than a useful area to work in. So, I need to do some rearranging, chucking out, and negotiating with the missus in order to reclaim my space.


This will, though, allow me to spend more time reading the couple of books I have, these fora, and the excellent articles at NRG.


And it will also give me a little more time to make what seems now to be a huge decision, but ultimately is probably not really that huge...which kit to build first? There *may* be another Lady Nelson on the way...

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Hello Dharma. Is it City or United?


Guitar building seems to be a popular route into ship modelling, you should check out Julie Mo's J Class Endeavour Build. If you try a kit I think its well worth finding a relatively simple one, preferably plank on frame. The reward of rapid progress will spur you on to attempting something more demanding later on.


Good luck,

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Hello Dharma66 and welcome aboard,


Can you please tell us your name?


Whatever you decide for your first build, make sure it has your interest and that you really want to build it.

That way you'll be more likely to get through the trials and errors.


One of our members, Adam (SkerryAmp) has created 'The Model Ship World Ship Kit Database'. http://mswshipkits.ampitcher.com

You can search the database on skill level, manufacturer, scale, kit type etc. It is certainly worth having a look.


You also might have a look in the Ship Modeling Database of articles for information about Model Ship Kits - What to expect and Kit selection: http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-plans-and-research.php


I wish you smooth sailing and happy modelling.




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Thanks for the warm welcomes.


Im finally getting round to some clearing out this weekend. A couple of weeks and I should have some space back.


I've been reading lots of build logs, and though the planking seems a little awkward in parts (for a beginner), I'm thinking perhaps Pickle may be my first build.


I'll keep reading and pondering and try to make the final decision soon...

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Well, I nearly have the workspace sorted, so I've taken the plunge.


After reading literally hundreds of pages of build logs, I've ordered Model Shipways 18th Century Longboat.


I know it's down as an intermediate level kit, but a few people have managed to pull it off as a first build, and I'm hoping that if I go slow enough, and quadruple check everything, maybe I can manage it.


I will be starting a log once I finally have the space in order (or on the kitchen table if it drags on too long!), as I am pretty certain I'll be hoping for a few pointers along the way!

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