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Cutty Sark kit. Sergal 789 circa 1976


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I have acquired a cutty sark kit that seems to be complete except for the wooden cut-out pieces on sheets 8&9..the accessories pugs have never been opened.it is an older kit with copper .the date on the instruction sheets is 1976..I have a number of questions.1 is it possible to get the lazier-cut sheets that are missing. 2 how do I check to see if other things are missing? 3 does anyone have interest in the kit the way it is? It is a sergal modelli. Mantua Model # 789. I am located in saskatchewan, Canada

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Ooh, sounds like you are not the original owner of the kit, which means practically no retailer or manufacturer will feel obliged to supply the missing parts, even if they are still available. You might be able to scratch-build the missing parts without too much difficulty.


Good luck!

Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

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Wellcome to CS fleet!

Wellcome to MSW!

Waiting for your progress!

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In progress:

CUTTY SARK - Tehnodidakta => scratch => Campbell plans


Content of log :


Past build:

Stella, Heller kit, plastic, Santa Maria, Tehnodidakta kit, wood, Jolly Roger Heller kit, plastic

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You may have a hard time finding parts, I wish you luck. I am surprised it has laser cut sheets in a kit that old. It's -23 C today in my part of Saskatchewan, enjoy your day :)

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Although the instruction sheets are copyright 1976, the kit is much newer.  I built the same kit in 1986 and had to cut out all the bulkheads from a printed sheet of plywood.  It also did not come with copper plates at that time.  I agree with Lou, the plans are extremely inaccurate.  Get Longridges book.  I also replaced most of the fittings, with scratch built items because of their inaccuracy and size.


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