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Carbatec 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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I'm looking for a scroll saw i was looking at Excalibur scroll saw but read somewhere that Carbatec bought Excalibur dont know if this is true or not has anyone in Austraila got the Carbatec 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw is there any problems with it? Its about $999.00 cost alot I know but im sick of paying money for tools that are cheat tools that are **** and I dont mind paying more. So if anyone knows of any problems with this scroll saw please let me know.

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Hi Eddie,


I have the 21" Excalibur, which I bought from Carbatec several years ago, and have been very happy with it - an excellent machine. The brand name changed a couple of years ago, and seems to have changed again, this time to Carbatec's own brand. I just had a quick check on the Carbatec site and it does look to be pretty much identical, but I don't know if they've changed materials or components at all. By the way, the 21" version is only $100 more than the 16" version and the price is about the same as when bought mine on sale. I'm with you on paying a bit extra for decent quality tools.  I also have the Carbatec 10" bandsaw and it seems to be reasonable quality - not top of the line, but deinitely not junk either.


Hope this helps.

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I have had the economy version ($199)of the Carbatec 16 inch scroll saw for about 5 years.It is a good,reliable little unit and does everything I want for ship modelling.It can use pinless blades by using either Hegener or Ryobi pinless blade adaptors.The Ryobi ones cost about $8.50 at Bunnings.


My question would be: What are you really getting for the extra $800?.

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Eddie, I purchased the 18" Carbatec scroll saw (Hegener copy) https://www.carbatec.com.au/machinery-and-accessories/scroll-saws/scroll-saws/scroll-saw-18-old-code-ct-ss18v  about 5 years ago and it has proven very reliable with very low vibration.  Mine was the previous version but not much has changed.





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Just setting up at beginning?


Is a lot to spend on a machine with limited application in POF.

The up/down action wants to move my work.


Instead, consider:

a 14" bandsaw

with an 1/8" blade and a Carter Stablizer - tight cuts can be scrolled

It is true that the blades have more set, so there is more work for

a drum/spindle sander to do ( tilting table here is mostly useless)

to finish to the line.

as well as a good quality disc sander.


If you get a bandsaw with a 2 HP motor, you have saw mill / resaw

resources that can save wood costs   You will need a thickness sander though.

It is probably more work than it is worth to try to adapt a spindle sander to

replicate a thickness sander = a fence problem.


A first rate like Victory will require a model scale forest at 1:64 / 1:48


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Hey howya goin all.



Thanks mate, the reason I'm going for the 16" one is because I have very limited space would love to get the bigger one.


Terry N

Thanks mate, I watched a vid on the Excalibur 21 scroll saw and I like how easy it was to change the blade and unlike most other scroll saws if you want to cut an angle you have to tilt the table on the Excalibur you tilt the saw not the table that way the timber is always on a level surface which give you more control.



Thanks mate, will look at it.



Thanks mate, that is oneway to think about.

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