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USF Confederacy by Roks82 - Model Shipways - Scale 1:64

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Dear Friends,


It's been a while since I've built my first model so I've finally decided to continue with this wonderful hobby. After some doubts on whick kit to choose I went for the Confederacy from Model Shipways. I've ordered it through Cornwall Models in the UK and the've dispatched it the same day - amazing service!


Got the kit yesterday and to be honest I was slightly dissapointed with the quality of the castings (ok I knew it from this forum they are not amazing), but also some laser cut parts came off as they were not properly packed.


Anyway seems that all the little pieces are intact :)

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I've started laying the keel for this project so I've glued together the two bulkheads. Since I did not have any glass panels I used an aluminium profile to keep it as straight as possible and I am quite happy with the results. You can also see that I've pre-bended the rabbet strip at the same time :)



Waiting for the glue to cure I've cut out the stem assembly and started sanding out the laser burn marks. To my dissapointment they are much tougher to remove then I thought - it actually took away 0,5 mm and the results are still not as I wished. Does anyone have any idea on how much sanding is really required or if there is any other solution how to remove the burns? Below is a comparison between the sanded and unsanded keel.



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I've found out that some of the etched references were missing both on the bulkheads and fillers. On the bulkheads I had to draw the reference lines as they were also missing, below also a photo of the fillers marked by hand in case anyone else is missing them too (sorry, I know I have a terrible handwriting).





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  • 3 weeks later...

Although I haven't posted in a while work has continued in my shipyard. The bow filler has been added (I'll post a picture once it's fully sanded), the sub-gun deck platforms have been added and the ship's frames for the cut-away part are in place.

For the sub-gun deck platforms I've decided to go with some testing of my caulking and treenailing skills but it was not really required. I am not quite happy with the results as the wood filler creates too much contrast with the planks (too yellowish for my taste) and the spacing of the treenails is not perfect - at least I know what to correct on the deck planks...


Can anyone recommend the best solution for the even spacing of the treenails?


uc?export=view&id=0B0v2x9oKkdZGSGlzbnJtcXk4ODg   uc?export=view&id=0B0v2x9oKkdZGQlA1XzN5aXpyZFE

The framing of the stern is also quite close to completition. You can see from the picture below that I've used a different approach for the checking of the sills position...


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I've finally managed to complete the bow and stern fillings. I am quite satisfied with the bow which was quite easy to do, the stern however is much more difficult as there are not much lines you can follow during the sanding process.



Any suggestions / ideas whether the stern shape is ok or should some more be done?

uc?export=view&id=0B0v2x9oKkdZGcEs0b2dhbzRJUGs uc?export=view&id=0B0v2x9oKkdZGdVBwOGUxbllHY1E uc?export=view&id=0B0v2x9oKkdZGZFN4NWROS1F6RGs

Unfortunately I've been too late in reading Dubz/Dirks post about the sanding of the frames 8 and 8B. As you can see from the below picture I had to use some filler to get it back in place, I've also noticed after taking the picture that some additional sanding of the GG part will be needed in order to get it flush with the frame 8.



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  • 8 months later...

After almost a year I have resumed work on my Confederacy in January. Unfortunately I did not have much time to update each single step up to now as I have managed to complete the gunports and beakhead planking (treenailing still to be done).




The jig that you see in the below picture is made of scrap MDF that I had at home and was used just for aligning the ports perpendicular to the hull.



For the gunports I've decided to go with a red ochre colour as to me looks a bit more authentic for the ships of that era. The first coat was undiluted paint, followed by another 3 coats of diluted paint with some fine sanding between each coat.




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  • 1 month later...

Work continued in the shipyard...

The lower counter has been planked, I've added some thin lawyer of paper in between to simulate the caulking however seems that it was too thin so some of it tear apart and is not visible throughout the whole length of the planks...lesson learned!

Exact sanding on the port and starboard side will be done at a later stage once the side planks are positioned.


I had some spare time and decided to make the doors for the beakhead. I think it was easier to make them now considering that the cut out doors on the bulkhead G are much shorter then the pre-cut doors so some careful sanding is required.


PS: I am not sure why some pictures are not rotated properly, I am posting the URL from Google Drive and they all look formatted properly there?!

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  • 1 year later...

It's been a while since my last post - the shipyard has been closed for a while due to lack of motivation :)


Anyway some upgrades have been done this year so work has now resumed and hopefully will continue till finishing this interesting project. I've upgraded the workshop with a Byrnes table saw, a Proxxon DSH 2 scrall saw and an Optimill which might seem a bit exaggerated for our hobby but the reason I bought it instead of a smaller Proxxon is that I could now use it for other projects/materials.

Not clearly seen but on the picture is also a extremely useful electrically adjustable table - I've bought the base in Ikea and fitted it with a custom top...it really helps to lift it and work while standing from time to time!




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The shipyard re-opened!

The upper planking has been completed with some issues however. I've been using very thin black paper to simulate the caulking which did not allow me to bevel some of the edges causing minor gaps in the planking. Now it's time for some sanding to make it smooth.

Could some of you guys advise how do you perform the caulking (except for the pencil method)?


For the lower planking I'll go without the caulking simulation so I am aiming for some better results :)







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This time I'd like to share with you my method of bending/twisting the planks. 


First I just slightly wet the plank with some tap water - wetting the fingers and passing on the area that I intend to bend. I then position the plank in the vise and with the help of some clamps twist it in position (actually just slightly over bend). I then use a normal hairdryer to heat up a plank and woila...in 3 minutes you have your fully bent plank :)


Hope this helps someone.




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