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Possibly interesting find by an utter newbie

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Two days ago I was helping my buddy clean out his late grandparents marina, loads of nautical gear either rotted beyond repair or so outdated it won't ever be used again, but that's besides the point. We were inside the house when I found this model, and I asked his mother about it and she said I could just have it, didn't know anything about it, and I have no clue about what it is, the rigging was shot completely and there is damage, most of all She's just dirty, was hoping someone has some sort of clue what She is before I begin restoring her myself. The Sails are stiff and rotted which is a shame.















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Just now, JerseyCity Frankie said:

You should fix it up yourself! For less than ten dollars you can pick up a copy of Rigging of Ships in the Day of the Spritsal Topmast. https://www.ebay.com/itm/302317861302   which is the perfect Rigging book, well illustrated, for this era.

Thank you! I was gonna work on with my Stepfather over the summer before I leave for bootcamp, It's a beast and I didn't want it to be lost to the dump, even if its not worth much of anything, thank you for the resource, ill definitely pick up a copy :)

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9 hours ago, Anja said:

Welcome aboard Dylan,


Good luck with the restoration. It is very nice of your stepfather to help you.


Enjoy your stay here.  I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.





Thank you Anja, I think i'm going to enjoy it here. Yes he is very kind for wanting to help, I think it'll be a nice Father-Son project.

8 hours ago, geoff said:

welcome to MSW Dylan. I hope you manage to restore that interesting looking model! All the best, Geoff

Thank you Geoff, I hope so too

3 hours ago, davidrasch said:

I would be excited to recover something like this. It has memories and craftsmanship. I'd want to check around to see if there are conservors who may be able to help. Please keep us informed.

Oh I am very excited, I wish I knew more about it, whether it was built by my friends late Grandfather or by someone else entirely. I've been digging around a bit to try and find someone with heavy knowledge on the subject, my location will make that fairly easy, just a matter of finding them, i'll make sure to keep you all informed, whether I find out more information or when I go ahead on the resto.

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Welcome to MSW Dylan! Not for certain but the turrets at the bow and stern bring to mind the La Couronne, French Ship 1637. The Fleur-di-lis also back this up. There are many discrepancies though, including that 1580 year stamped on the sail that could either be wrong or indicating a different ship altogether. I hope you can find out some more information about her! In any case, take a look at my Couronne build, link in my signature. If this is her than it may be of some help and if it's not, well it still might give you an idea of a similar vessel. 


I wish you the best of luck and I will keep an eye out for your log as seeing these old relics get restored is fun to watch! :D


P.S. I also have that book Frankie mentioned and it is extremely valuable for rigging ships of this period. I recommend buying it!

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I know this might sound harsh, but the ship is/was just some sort of folk art. Not worth anything appart from it makeing a nice mantle piece. That said, i would not hesitate to try to restore it myself. I know i did something like that too. My and the Admiral used to go to local car boot sale. I walked pass that one boat so many times, its been made for a kid surely as rigging is just sewing thread, the only sail is attached to two spars(one bottom one top) and dont even let me start on the planking... no curves, just angles... so i obviously didnt want it as i walked pass many times. But the admiral noticed my obsession with all things nautical and her being her good heart she got it for me. I was just like why on earth would you buy this piece of rubbish... when i saw how saddened she was with my reaction i changed tone and went on to fix it. And you know what? I actually had fun. It was a nice little project, that got me back to modeling, as i had one of those periodes when i could not be bothered to do anything.

so all in all, even it looks like crap and people will probably tell you dont bother, please do. If nothing else, for the experience. And for the fun too.

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I agree with Pavol......the angle of the cannons....the cut of the transom......gives it the look of someone's beautiful imagination.   the crests could be clues......find out what they mean,  and how to recreate them....the flags as well.   restore her to her former glory ;)   she made somebody happy........maybe you too! :) 

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