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USS Constitution by Techsan - Mamoli - Scale 1:93 - Current Configuration

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I purchased the 1:93 Mamoli version of the USS Constitution in late 1994 and began assembly the following spring. You can see from the pictures how far along I was when, as they say, “life happened”. Things came grinding to a halt a few months later.


The partially completed hull sat in an enclosed bookcase for the last 22 years. Sadly, the original Mamoli box containing the remaining OEM parts, along with another container with my tools, building materials, and collection of Floquil paints was mistakenly put in the attic during our last move in 2010. It has essentially baked in the south Texas heat for seven years. When I finally uncovered it, most of the wood and fittings appear salvageable.

So, after a lengthy hiatus, here I go...  






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So the first thing I needed to do was remove my poor 1995 work -- the things I truly couldn't live with. The bow was awful. If you look at the bow picture above you'll notice the location of the hawse pipes in relation to the gunports. It's simply all wrong. To be kind, the poorly cast Mamoli billet head/scrollwork is complete crap. The biggest issue with the kit is that the plans were drawn in 1982 and reflect an earlier restoration rather than the current configuration. To compound the problem, the angles were wrong.


After removing the ornamental metal crappola down to the hawse pipes you'll notice the bow planking above the billet head is solid, not open with netting as it exists today. Admittedly, I'm already a bit frustrated. Not sure what to do.





Bow Demo.JPG

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I've been working at it for a week now and I've come to the painful conclusion that I'm never going to be happy with this build. The "current configuration" in the thread title simply isn't possible. If I was 90% complete, I'd finish it out. I'm nowhere near there...so I'm stopping. I'll refinish the bow and put it back in the enclosed bookcase it's lived in since 1995. Maybe one day...


The good news? I just ordered the Model Shipways USS Constitution a few minutes ago. I've been so inspired by some of the build threads here that I know where I want to go with it.


The mods can kill this thread soon, and I'll be on my way with a new one. I've sincerely appreciated the feedback.


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