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I am building (or attempting to) my first ship-in-a-bottle and needed some clear sealer.  I was out but my wife offered me a bottle of clear nail polish.  I was surprised at how well it worked.  As an added bonus the built in brush worked great for spreading the nail polish.  Don't know how well it would work for larger areas but for my tiny ship-in-a-bottle boat it works just fine.

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Jud, didn't most of us "shade tree" mechanics use polish for that?B)

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Nail varnish is a solution of cellulose nitrate. The same stuff, zapon, is used to protect metals, such as silver and brass, from tarnishing and can be bought in DiY stores cheaply. I have used it for decades to fix rigging, because it can be dissolved again with a drop of acetone and corrections made.


Beware, today there are also nail varnishes based on acrylics. These cannot be dissolved again very easily.





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