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Thanks for the welcome. Jim and Mick.  You are right about FAA.  Fleet Air Arm . I was an Aircraft Handler, we did Fire Fighting, Aircraft movement ( flight deck and Ashore) and Air Trafic Control. Ships. Eagle, Ark Royal and Victorious (twice). Most of my time now is painting. 'Alert' makes a nice change now and again.

pic is Alert so far.



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Hi David, the Fleet Air Arm Is the Aviation part of the Royal Navy like the Aviation  Branch of the  US Navy.

 I don't do a lot of modelling these days, more research for my paintings 

. Building 'Alert' gives me a brake, and they say a change is as good as a rest.

Here is a painting of a model Armed Trawler ( not built by me) I believe it is available as a card model

'Home Guard' military class Trawler.



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11 hours ago, yamsterman said:

hi jim

i believe FAA is FLEET AIR ARM.



Acronyms mean different things in different places. FAA means Federal Aviation Administration over here. Back in the 70’s my ship pulled into Portsmouth  for Liberty. A bunch of our sailors where drinking as sailors do and bragging about being members of the IRA. It got REAL quiet and a bunch of the local folk were getting really pissed. One of the sailors asked what the problem was with being a member of the IRA and showed them his International Rodeo Association belt buckle never realizing that IRA in Britain was a totally different thing.

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