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H.M.S Triton build by alienowl

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Hello every one.


This is were il do my build log, il attempt to keep it updated as much as i can, with the English winter beginning work will be slow but i've made a start.

Due to limitations with my right side and poor use of motivation skills of my right hand il not be doing things as per a normal build some parts wont be in sections but in complete lengths.


Thank you for the access to to plans section all downloaded, also thanks to our member Bubblehead for the files you sent, much appreciated.


Plans all printed on A3 paper multiples on the smaller parts and the A0 and A1 plans stitched together.

I started with the keel pieces and deadwoods, I also started on the build jig. I will not start assembly yet as i want to craft all the frames before i do.

Production of sawdust has started at last ^^... I'm having problems posting photos in correct order i do apologise but i'm sure you will all see the progress.











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Hi and a big welcome - it's great to see another 'complete' model of Triton get under way.

That's a really impressive set up you have there in your workshop. Is that a Caldercraft HMS Victory I see resting on that shelf in the background?

I look forward to following your progress.


Good luck,



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Hiya Charter..


The kit you see on the shelf is the Jotica H.M.S Victory large scale kit that my late wife purchased for me some 10 years ago.

Hull is almost finished apart from top decks cannons,masts,spares etc all made but in storage.

Sadly due to heart attacks and lost of wife i lost interest for a while, and when i did go back to it after 6 years i found a awful lot of the hull timbers had totally dried out and shrunk, the parts left in the kit box are in the same condition.

Only course of action is to continue it as a scratch build replacing dried out timbers and parts or purchasing another kit. I am still not sure which route to take so she is on hold at the moment.

At the moment lots of cutting templates for the Triton frames and gluing them to prepared Beech sheets i've made.

Will post more pics once frames are cut 


Regards Alan " aka alienowl "

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Hi Alan,


I thought that hull looked familiar. I'm just putting the final touches to the copper plating on my own identical one, also a present from my  Admiral, and also held up for a time by significant health issues. Hope you find a way to solve those problems you've described.

I am following your Triton build with interest. I'm focusing on the stern section at the moment and hope to up-date my log in the near future.





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Hello Guys a further update for you all.


Its been a poor winter here in London and the weather has finally improved, its been nice and warm and sunny for the last few days.

I have made several changes to how i am doing things due to mobility and health. the workshop has been adapted so i can gain access with my wheelchair.

The build at 1:48 has also been altered, i found at that size many of the parts were difficult for me to craft or handle. There for i purchased a new printer capable of printing A0 sizes and below.

I printed all the plans out at 142% of the pdf files, this = almost  twice the size.

This is far better for me to be able to handle the parts.

Also over the winter i managed to get in contact of a small family kitchen unit builders at my local business park, I am welcome to forage in their offcuts section for suitable timber, I will be using mainly Beech for the frames, Mahogany for the Keel parts and deadwoods, Lime for planking and Maple for the Deck supports.

The photos may not be in order and sorry for quality hands no longer steady, but ive given each a title.


More to follow after progress.

Regards to all Alan


Frame 11 complete at 142%.JPG

Frame components printed & 142%.JPG

Frames printed & 142%.JPG

Jig Plan and build base & 142% aprox 49 x 24 inches no 1.JPG

Jig Plan and build base & 142% aprox 49 x 24 inches no 2.JPG

Keel and Deadwoods templates & 142% no 1.JPG

Keel and Deadwoods templates & 142% no 2.JPG

Keel Parts printed at 142%.JPG

Lenghts that i obtain.JPG


New benchsaw.JPG

Parts printed at 142% no 5.JPG

Parts printed at 142% no 6.JPG

Test Timber Beech and Mahogany 1.JPG

Test Timber Beech and Mahogany 2.JPG

The scale & 142% in inches vs plan.JPG

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Hiya Guys.


Further update, I have continued to cut out templates now that i have the plans resized and making slow progress Haha. fingers cramp cutting them out with scissors im using a craft knife and cutting board on the larger templates.


I also had to replace the table saw as the motor shorted out , im lucky this happened under warranty and i choose to upgrade it at the same time for a little more cost, photos included with post.


Also made plenty of sawdust cutting timber stock and Sanding it to size.


More updates as and when i am able its been handsome here in London for the last 3 weeks and spent all my time in the Workshop. 









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Welcome to the Triton Shipyard and a lot of fun with the project

Regards Christian


Current build: HMS Triton, 1771 - reconstruction, build log

Current drawing projects: HM Cutter Rattlesnake/Alert, 1777;  HM Bomb Vessel Granado, 1742; HM Sloop Fly, 1775


"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it." Salvador Dali

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