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Yacht America by greatgalleons - FINISHED - Mamoli - 1:66 - Kit No. MV26 by A.Jorden

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New build log for Yacht America,   Been looking around for a few sail boat kits which do not require too much rigging.   I have built many models, more than I can remember or count of tall ships of all sizes and shapes and have chosen this Yacht model because it appears to require not to much brain power.  


I have never been impressed with Mamoli kits, they are made for bashing.  You never know what surprises will appear during the process of the model build, so here goes.



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So when I first started building models ships many years ago I used to purchase wood glue in small bottles, now I get the gallon jug of glue and transfer it to smaller jars.  You would be surprised how much wood glue it takes over time.  I don't have any specialty tools for I use, I just use what works.  


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Ok, lets see, here we have the bulk heads and false keel looking things, and some deck pieces, these all look like familiar Mamoli materials which are included in all their kits. Now I remember some other mamoli ships I built, HMS Beagle, Golden Hind, Rattlesnake, and Friesland, 


these parts fit loosely, just a little filing on the frame parts


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here is a situation, the deck planking provided in this kit is not sufficient to cover the whole area, I got shorted some deck planking in the kit, so what I had planned will not work , I will go through my supply of unused wood and come up with an alternate solution. I'm having to bashed the kit anyways, typical of Mamoli


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I will work on the deck furnishings before I work on the outer hull, I have to wait for a few warm days to use spray paint and clear coats since I do not use them inside the home work area. 


with in the kit are some simulated blue glass pieces to be used on the cabin doors and such, I cannot bring myself to use them, I will make my own. I use clear plastic and use black ink to dye the wood under the windows.   I also added some girth to the provided kit pieces which seemed a bit small.





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continued making the deck furnishing,  these pieces will not be glued in place until the hull is complete. I have not decided on what I will used on the hull, I might used paint, ink, or copper plating strips below the water line , I will determine what looks best when I get to that point.





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so I had a little time today and sanded down the hull a bit,   there are lots of natural imperfections in the hull planking, so I'll be using some wood filler.


I've had this jar of wood filler for 4 years and kept it in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator and its still usable.  it would normally dry out and be unusable within 1 month outside the fridge. 


I'll let the hull filler dry out for a 24 hours and then start sanding again






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