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  1. Good start. I am currently building the Constructo's Cutty Sark, and I will follow you along.
  2. Hello my friends, It has been a while since my last post, so it is a time for an update. First, I made the bowsprit. Since the front of the hull does not have a precut hole for the bowsprit and I figured it would be too difficult to drill a hole now, so I sanded the bottom of the bowsprit at an angle. Then, I worked on the three masts. The finished masts are shown in the picture below. Yards are first roughly cut to shape by a hobby planer, and then sanded according to plan. Then I tied blocks on the yards using the scale rope provided by the kits. I just did
  3. Built from Midwest Product kit Dinghy (Level 2). Scale: 1"=1'. A very enjoyable weekend project.
  4. Finally, Photo Time! First I want to apologize that I did not took any photos while I did the hull planking, as I was not really sure if I should open a build log. These are photos of my progress till last week. I will update my progress this week very soon.
  5. First I will do some kit review. The kit is manufactured by the toy company Constructo in Spain. The scale is 1/90. However, this kit is no longer in production. Instead, a newer 1/115 scale model is available where the whole model is about 2 inch shorter and there are some minor changes on the deck fittings. Plans: There are five sheets of plans on three sheets of paper, including one sheet of plan & section, one sheet of elevation, two sheets of rigging and one sheet of sail patterns. All of them are hand drawn, so some inaccuracy can happen and some times you really need to fi
  6. Hi everyone! This will be my official build log for Construto's Cutty Sark 1/90. I am already about 5 weeks into the build and finished the hull planking, deck cabins & decorations and is currently working on masts and rigging. I start my build log this late because I do not want to end up not finishing the model at early stage and everyone knows about it. While I was building the ship, I tried to stick to manufacture's plan with no side work of sketch builds. I will also not paint or stain my model as I think the original dark and light wood color scheme is quite nice. First
  7. I am working on the same model as you do! It is nice to see some other people working on the same model. Currently I am working on the masts and rigging now. I will also put on a building log soon. Good job on your build!
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