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Fly Tying Tools

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I am about to rig my longboat model and while the rigging is simple, I would like to do a good job of it.  There has been discussion on the forum about the use of fly tying thread thread and some mention of fly tying tools.  


Can anyone who has used fly tying tools comment on which tools they have found to be useful and how they are used?




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I often use the thread but not many of the tools. There are some great fine scissors like the 'Dr Slick' scissors and micro clamps but the biggest problem I find when rigging is reaching in to grab threads and holding thread close enough to a belaying pin to tie it off. For the first the following are useful:




For the second some blunt cuticle pushes / cutters.




Also have some crocheting hooks at hand.




 These come in a range of sizes and are handy lengthened by fitting into a long piece of dowel.


Make sure you get the silk thread rather than nylon. Some say it shrinks but I have not had that problem, in fact more likely to go loose over time. I have had black turn to dark brown but only after many times when washed dust off the finished ship by using the electric shower!

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 I find the best thing I use is the spools for leader material... I store my rigging rope on them. The serrated scissors they supply for cutting deer hair seem to cut better when trimming off ends near blocks. The rest of the tools I wouldnt use, although a cheap vice, not the spring type, is useful for holding small detail parts when doing carvings or similar. Best thing I have is actually a spring grip probe from an oscilloscope... brilliant for getting in to pick up the end of short lengths when they are hidden inside other rigging!

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The question was about fly-tying tools - otherwise I use a lot of surgical and dental instruments, tiny crochet hooks (they don't seem to make really small ones anymore - raid the sewing basket of an old aunt or so), etc. - I use fly-tying thread to make my own rope. Otherwise, I have not used any specific tools from this trade. The main reason is that they seem to be rather pricey, not to say overpriced for what they are. I can imagine that the the different types of 'third hand', or 'fly-tying vice' in their parlance, could come handy. But with price tags in the range of hundreds of USD or EUR, they are out of question.



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I use a fly-tying clamp for almost all of my rigging. Coupled with a small vice there isn't much that I can't rig. It is one thing that I couldn't do without. I purchased it off fleabay a couple of years ago for about £25.


Rigging the forestay on a sacrificial dowel;



Rigging a block to the mast, the pliers taped to the mast are called hackle clamps/pliers. These can be used instead of the heamostats but obviously don't have as much weight to keep the line taut;




For rigging on the boat I use heamostats, hackle clamps and the following homemade "things" made out of sewing needles;




Hope this helps!

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