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  1. My fingers are crossed that the treatment works extremely well for you. I well know how much toll such treatments can take on the body so please keep safe and keep well. Best wishes Paul
  2. Hi Alexis I have just measured the strips and you are right; the thin strips are 2mm x 5mm from the kit. the square strips are 5mm x 5mm, although they all have been very well sanded to get them very smooth so the measurements are more like 1.5 x 4.5 and 4.5x4.5. so the strips either side of the keel are 5x5 with a 3x3 small strip between them at either end. If i remember rightly i had to do a little sanding in the inside edge of the two long strips - after they had been glued together - to make the keel fit snugly. I hope this made sense??? Cheers n be safe, P
  3. Hi alexis, sorry I missed your question, I'm not on here as often as I should be..... I'm not sure about the measurements of the strips for the stand, but I will open up the case in the morning and take some measurements for you.
  4. Thank you Matt, im recovering but recovery is very slow. I have been on so much morphine for so long that my hands and feet are massively over-sensitive, so work on the boat cant restart for at least another couple of months. A real PITA as I'm stuck at home on lockdown. Hope you and everyone out there are keeping safe.
  5. Here is a picture of my daughter solving my code in 8 tries, as you can see it sometimes boils down to luck in choosing the correct combinations at the start; getting three black score pins in row 4 narrowed down her decoding.
  6. Ooh, I really like the look of this ship, hope you don't mind ifn I pull up a chair for this build.
  7. Please don't apologise OC, a lot of people care about you and your Admiral. Sometimes it helps to talk to strangers, you never know we may be able to help in some way. Thinking of you All the best
  8. Thank you Mark, I appreciate that. I'll be honest as long as it's a full recovery I don't mind how long it takes!
  9. I wish, Edward, but wizardwood is a bit beyond my pocket, tools and skillset! I have to apologise for this late update; the work was done back in April but I was expecting to do more work and then had forgotten that I hadn’t made an update. It looks like only a little work but most of a day was spent sanding the hull and tidying up the planking on the transom. I have lost a little chip from the transom planking - which will be fixed after the hull is planked. I also lined the tiller hole (there must be a nautical for that!) with 0.5mm strip of maple. the
  10. Another vote for a job well done, Matt. You did yourself and the kit proud, and I bet, like the rest of us '1819 builders, you have learnt a lot that will serve you well in the future. Looking forward to seeing a link in the 'current build' part of your sig...….
  11. Hi everyone, this not a kit but it is made in wood so I hope it counts..... I used to love playing the board game Mastermind - "A game of cunning and logic for two players - Break the hidden code!" when I was a kid and I recently introduced my 12 year old daughter into the joys of said cunning and logic. The original game had 4 holes to encode and after playing this for a while we decided to purchase from ebay the super 5 hole version. Unfortunately, upon arrival the game stank of age/mildew etc, so I made my own from (hopefully) spare wood from my Vivacia build. The bo
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