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    my wife says my hobby is collecting hobbies..... main interests though are iaido, flyfishing, archery, and making stuff for those hobbies. Always made models, but favourites are ships....

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  1. its been a while since I posted on this.... since then all cannon are complete and most of the hull has been planked up to the potential extra decks.... I have calculated adding the next decks and put in a couple of ribs to see what it might look like... and it doesn't look too bad I have stuck to the plans for the mast heights, and they look right compared to the Anthony roll. I was hoping the MR museum would have raised more from the seabed by now, hence the delay, but they just don't have the cash to do so... So more pics shortly on progress, and I think I will just crack o
  2. I am stuck on the mary rose as well.... so went to the museum to look and see if I could find any holes near the ship gunports that would suggest an attachment for ,say, a pulley system. Nothing obvious from the viewing gallery even when I zoomed in with the camera.... The guns however show a big variation of 'missing stuff' where there's holes in the carriages, so obviously had some ironwork to stop the guns flying around when in a rough sea, and perhaps also for running in and out. What was also interesting was the damage behind the cartridge area on breech loaders, see the photo... som
  3. for Napoleonic figures, try a firm called Historex… parts are capable of mixing up and its quite easy to knock up a ships captain with not a lot of work... WW2 you can get Italeri crew for German, USA and British navy. Masterbox and others do mechanics etc that would convert nicely if you wanted to do a port scene... I managed to get some figures for my Victory x-section cannon crew in 1/96 from a wargames figure supplier, close enough in 15mm. I just wish the manufacturers would stick to a set scale, as otherwise its not a viable commercial venture to produce figures for ma
  4. Found some suitable wheels on a 15mm scale cannon model. Now modified down to eight spokes, so have a nice variety of cannon to match what was found. Next is lower hull outer planking, while I play around with the castle decks....😀
  5. first layer of planks fitted up to the main deck.. I started to plank the deck and add the stairs to realise one of the bulkheads stops the stairs fitting, so managed to get a drill down to clear out the offending wood... A visit to the museum last week straight after a tour of the Victory showed the planking was... waney edged.... no straight lines on any deck plank, unlike Victory! Trenails were random, almost as though they were only used when needed. The same applied to the guns on show, no two carriages alike! However I did spot some holes where the metal had gone, which suggested ro
  6. Fortunately spotted this before planking, bulkhead 11 has its slot mixing up with the mast slot, and I didn't think the mast would be very stable, so added a filler block. Plan sheet 2 suggests a cross member for what is currently the top rear deck, but no parts or listed in the guide. This may be because there is a hatch and ladder close by and it may be in view, but as I intend to add more decks, I have made up one to help stabilise it. Might keep the hatch and ladder there and make another couple to come down from the other decks.
  7. hopefully I will be able to get dimensions on this, photos in the article suggest about 3 feet long by about 18 inches. I will be bashing the forecastle as I prefer the Anthony version to the one in the kit, although that is supposed to be exaggerated by an extra deck... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/19/the-real-rose-mary-rose-ship-emblem-discovered-500-years-on/ There is also a suggestion that the ship may be longer than thought... hopefully not as I don't fancy trying to lengthen the kit! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/3552860.stm On
  8. build log started... the new museum is brilliant, worth a trip as its all dry, with the ship on one side and what was found in each area more or less opposite, nice cabin representations of the carpenter and purser from memory ( which is why I am going again...)
  9. hi all, this will be my first ship log, so be gentle with me! The reason for the build is a fascination with the ship, which I saw raised from a long distance many years ago and was better to see on tv that evening! Opening the kit, I found an error in packing, two of one sheet and a missing one, (easily done I guess) a quick call to Jotika and Stockton Modeller got me the sheet on the way, excellent customer service gentlemen, despite the kit being five years old apparently! I am building to the volumes published by the trust, and using the Anthony roll etc as further
  10. I am in Portsmouth as of 19th May, so will be at the museum to check up on gun carriages etc... if you want any info whilst I am there give me a shout on here.. Before I start my build log, I spotted a double sheet of ply for one deck and the rear deck sheet missing... I would like to thank both Jotika and Stockton modeller for an extremely fast response to get me the missing sheet. Can't beat a good customer service! I have started building a cannon or two to stave off the boredom, and got the frames dry fitted together until the last sheet arrives. the rear gun suppor
  11. I have the kit and a lot of the reference books and was hoping that the forecastle would be raised before I started... having waited far too long for that, I will be joining you in making a start!
  12. one method I use for blackening iron sword guards is to apply shoe polish then put over a gas ring. I am lucky enough to work in a forge part time, so can use that for larger objects, but would think the best bet would be to use gun blue as a base and work from that?
  13. I find the best thing I use is the spools for leader material... I store my rigging rope on them. The serrated scissors they supply for cutting deer hair seem to cut better when trimming off ends near blocks. The rest of the tools I wouldnt use, although a cheap vice, not the spring type, is useful for holding small detail parts when doing carvings or similar. Best thing I have is actually a spring grip probe from an oscilloscope... brilliant for getting in to pick up the end of short lengths when they are hidden inside other rigging!
  14. just back from Carlisle and my favourite bookshop.... £40 got me 'plank on frame models Vol 1' by harold Underhill, 'building a working model warship, hms warrior' by William Mowll, and 'AOTS Endeavour'! Bargain!!!
  15. when I have to deal with useless people at work, I always think "yet again you fail to live up to the very low expectation I have of you..." and "its fool proof but not idiot proof."
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