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Ragusian Carrack by greatgalleons - FINISHED - Marisstella - 1:59

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I was very interested in this particular kit by the fairly new company out of Split Croatia.   The materials are made from quality walnut in various hues.  The rigging is superb quality, as well as the blocks and stern lantern. All of the laser cut parts are great, very precise in the making.  And the sails are stupendous.   Overall I really am impressed with the components and framing quality.


I do see also that this will be a bit of a challenge (which I don't mind at all) to create. The over all instructions are lacking in English but the layout plans are very informing.  This is definitely an expert level kit.  


I'm relying mostly on the plans for the entire build and not the instructions.  So I spend much of the time staring at them and anticipating what is to come.


I started this kit about a month ago with all the intentions of making this kit build last as long as possible.  absolutely taking my time with this build.

Walnut wood is not one of my favorite woods to work with, it can be stubborn and it is definitely a dense hard wood and needs coaxing into place.


so here goes another ragusian carrack build because you need more reference and other methods to research.  there is more than one way to build a ship. 




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The first step is to mock up the framing pieces.   I made a temporary work base to set the model on. 


A few of the frames need to be layered with planking ahead of time,  I believe they were frames 16,17,and 18,   this took some time to create and place the window and doors and hinges.   I clear coated the areas with satin clear.   


I added some vertical struts in between the frames for stability.    the stern I used basswood for shaping the primary planking. the instructions indicate to use the walnut for primary and secondary.  








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Off to a beautiful start!  MarisStella kits are good value aren't they - I really like the quality.




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once the stern is planked with second planking and the wood bow filler is has set its time to start planking the hull.


I'll be using tacks with wood spacers to set the planking, I tried to nail some of the planking but the walnut wood is too dense and hard and splits.  pre drilling the holes for the wood in too much work and the tacks will work just as well.





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here is 3 days worth of hull planking, it is also as far as the wood would allow for natural bending around the bow.


I soaked the wood planking overnight in water and used a heated plank bender to curve the wood.


its a good thing this planking is 1.5mm thick, there will be enough material to sand the curved bow section smooth without compromising or sanding to down to thin.



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the second deck was a little tricky but I came up with a solution.


the supports must be cut off in order to plank the first deck.   I layed and glued a  temprorary piece of wood on top of the second deck supports, and then cut them off. i'll place them back in the same spot once I'm done second planking the inner hull sided.









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One note , the above photo shows the second deck supports , these are just for placement at this point, they are not glued in yet, I have to sand down the main deck and second planking on the sides, also there are two cannons that need placement under the second deck first before setting the second deck supports.

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for the rails I used two 2x4 mm pieces and glued and nail in, I sanded down the overhang on the hull side so the first strake will butt up to the sanded overhang.  And the same for the second deck rails.


the wood was soaked in water for a few hours so it would bent easier.   


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