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I am writing just to ask if anyone can help me finding the way to bring the drastic (Sharp( form to the stern of the Cutty Sark.  The planking is 2mm thick and 6mm wide thereby creating quite a challenge.  I know it would be best if you had a picture but possibly someone has experience enough to help.  What is the best way or manner to create this sharp and twisted bend?


Thank YOu



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Try following full size procedure. Steam the planks before trying to fit. Or soak in hot water.  You will need to practice on scrap or spare  2 x 6 pieces

until you get it right. Do not attempt on the model in the planks final location but build a jig to bend the plank around. you need to secure the plank until it

cools and dries (I usually leave it overnight). When you come to fix the plank in position you will find most of the bend remains and any final adjustment

is fairly easy.  If you have three hands it is pretty straight forward.  You also need good straight grained strip wood .

It took me several attempts to bend 2mm thick but I got there in the end.

Good luck!!


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Hi dgreen. If you haven’t read the tutorial from this forum on planking, I suggest you do.There are a few good ideas there. I use a ‘plank bender’ after soaking planks for 15 - 20 minutes in warm water. You can also use your hobby knife to cut slightly into the rear of the planks at close intervals (about 1mm apart) This makes bending without breaking easier and is not visible from the front. It is still best to soak the planks and use a plank bender as well. I pin the damp, planks to the frames and filler blocks until they dry (overnight) and they usually retain their bend. Never try to glue down damp planks as they tend to shrink when dried and gaps between planks result. Hope this helps



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 Another method would be to plane or sand the wood into much thinner planks which will bend much more readily.  Then soak or steam the planks to make them more pliable and bend enough layers of these thin planks to total the required final thickness around a form matching the shape required and clamp to dry.  When dry, laminate the layers with a thin layer of glue between and clamp the layers back on to the form and let dry.  This may be a bit involved but with this method you can bend planks into very tight bends and there will be very little if any spring-back. Once trimmed and sanded they should be very easy to apply.  :)

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