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I am pleased to announce the publication today by Wayne State University Press of my first ( and last) book, Whaleback Ships and the American Steel Barge Company.  As the title suggests this is a comprehensive history of the design and construction of the 44 whaleback barges and steamships.  The book is based on original design drawings, company records, and extensive examination of SS Meteor, the only surviving example of a whaleback ship.  Copies are available from the Press, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.



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Congratulations Rodger

Finishing a book like that and getting it published are not all that easy these days. I wish you great success for your efforts.




Build logs: Colonial sloop Providence 1/48th scale kit bashed from AL Independence

Currant builds:

Constructo Brigantine Sentinel (Union) (On hold)

Minicraft 1/350 Titanic (For the Admiral)

1/350 Heavy Cruiser USS Houston (Resin)

Currant research/scratchbuild:

Schooner USS Lanikai/Hermes

Non ship build log:

1/35th UH-1H Huey


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I have a review copy from the publisher and the book will be reviewed in the Nautical research Journal soon.  I have only skimmed the book as I am getting ready for the show/contest at the WI Maritime Museum being held on the 18-20 of May but it reads well and is nicely put together.  iI have read enough to highly recommend the book if you have any interest in this type of craft or Great Lakes vessels  and history.  As soon as I am back reading this book is a priority.

Congratulations Roger on being published.




Kurt Van Dahm






Nautical Research & Model Ship Society of Chicago

Midwest Model Shipwrights

North Shore Deadeyes

The Society of Model Shipwrights

Butch O'Hare - IPMS

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Congratulations on your chef d'oeuvre, Roger. Only other authors know the endless hours writing, editing and illustrating that a book consumes! Well done.

Be sure to sign up for an epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series  http://trafalgar.tv

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