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Greatings to All From a New Member...


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Not new to the model ship building art, but new to this site.  So I wanted to say hello to everyone!




I made my first model when I was 12,  I carved a 6" x 3" x 3" piece of balsa wood into a ruff copy of the Bonhomme Richard.  Ended up putting lead

sinkers in the bottom of the hull to keep it from tipping over ever time the wind blew.  Many years later I did Revels' plastic Constitution and the Cutty Sark.

My first wooden model was the Marseille (I had a seamstress make the sails).  My wife grew up on the Ohio River so I made her a Robert E. Lee.  My latest

model was the beautiful Syren.  Totally I've made 11 ship models (if you count the two plastic and one balsa wood ships).  Currently working on the Rattlesnake

for my youngest son.  I'm retired now so I have lots of time...



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Welcome! This is THE place to be to learn, to like, to share. I, too, am retired. My Vasa kit just arrived. Now that my son is retired Air Force his son will 'help' me. Both his daughters are interested so I bought some U Gears kits from ModelExpo for them to learn on. Remember, modelers move to the smell of wood glue!

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