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Cutty Sark 34' long, Wrecked.


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This long desired model ship was dropped on me by the universe, just a little to hard.

This is my first time here and happy to find some help.

I have been interested in clipper ships early on but never intended to build one because of expected life sucking demands

it would require.

I acquired a nice book collection which includes; The Cutty Sark by Alan Villiers 1963, Clipper ship Men by Laing 1944, Ocean Racers By Cicely Fox-Smith.

The Tea clippers by David R MacGregor, Greyhounds of the Sea by Carl C Cutler 1930 and others.

Also I visited Cutty Sark in about 1993 when on vacation in England.

This Clipper Ship showed up while prowling around in antique malls recently In Fort Worth. It just popped up asking for $20.00 

and that is why I an here.


The ships bowsprit is broken about 1 1/2" from tip inward. The royal spar on the center mast broke about 1 1/2"from top.

The rudder is lost. the dead eyes that attach shrouds on front mast port side are broke off. and some on other masts. The rear mast is loose and deck cracked. The mast rings or parres that attach to the yard pins are missing, five places. see photo of those attached to rail.


My approach to salvaging: Detach ropes to yards that are loose from masts and identify attach locations.  

Attach new mast rings to attach yards to mast five places.

Attach dead eye with ropes to the mounting rail with soft wire thru the lower dead eye rope hole. after removing the dead eye pins that are broke off in the rail.

this will save re rigging the dead eyes.

Get a rudder and attach firings or make one but need dimensions and correct wood type.

I intend remove attached rigging an record their location and reattach after cleaning the ship.

I intent to splice back the Royal Mast with a thin walled copper tube and the bowsprit with

glue. and paint over to blend to wood color. Or glue two small straps the joint. then wrap with thread and smear with glue.


How far should I go with the rigging. What about removing most rigging but saving the mast rigging with the rope ladders on the three mast and call it

voyage completed.

I need glue for reattaching ropes if necessary soft wire and material to clean decks and etc

What is your idea of a minimal restoration that will be an OK  for display

Don't think the paint:"White" should be there. Any suggestions

the figure head is painted gold, should be white,

What do you think about the overall quality.

Who produced the Kit?










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Concerning Cutty Sark 34"

In post I forgot to add that I began to built stick and paper airplanes when I was about 6 or 7 years old and continued later on to gas engine powered planes. These ships were equipped with engines using ignition points condenser and coil. This was before glow plugs.


Only two of us in high school flew  the gas models.


These were pleasurable and enjoyed the hobby of completing these ships.

However, the details work was less than half of that required to complete these Tall ships.  he flew yesterday

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Hello Griptite.


From looking at the deadeyes and blocks I'm 99% certain it's a Billings kit. Don't know of any other kit maker who supplies/supplied those ghastly plastic things. Up to you but I'd remove and bin all of them and re-rig the model using decent quality parts. You'll have to remove some rigging in any case to replace/repair the broken spars. Chuck Passaros' Syren Ship model Company produce excellent quality blocks,deadeyes and scale rigging rope. The model actually looks to be quite well built. What ever you decide to do have fun :)


Kind regards,


Dave :dancetl6:  

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Dave thank you for the quick response:

Your correct about the plastic blocks. I am trying to save the rigging as I have no experience in rigging and no rigging plans.

How about painting them. ? I know it may look bad. or be spotted as painted.

I am not sure of the scale. The hull is 34" long from stern to bow at intersection of bow and bowsprit.

The bowsprit is 8.85 inches from its intersection at hull bow. (How is the hull length measured).

I need to know the scale if it gets new parts. 

The Cutty Sark is 212,5 ft long.

How is this cleaned. What materials

Have a book "The lore of Ships

by Tre Tryckare, E, Conger 1972. Try for first edition 1963 printed in Sweden 1500 illustrations in great color  Sail boats to seven masts

and much other.

Best wishes, Gene.


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Gene,I looked up the kit on the internet it is by Billings at 1/75th scale and is 110 cm overall length which corresponds with the hull and bowsprit dimensions you gave. The best way to clean believe it or not is with cotton buds damped with water or spit,never use solvents of any description. I know little about Clippers,my interests are 17th and 18th century English Warships.


You can find a huge amount of info on Clipper rigging if you read Ed Tostis' build log of the clipper Young America in the scratch build section here in the forum. He is rigging his model exactly as the original ship was. You will not find better anywhere as Clipper ships were rigged very much the same. 

That should help with your rigging inexperience. Incidentally,Ed's build is at 1/72nd scale,close to your models size. 


I hope this is of some help to you.


Kind regards,


Dave :dancetl6:


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Scrap the rigging, particularly the deadeyes with their separate eyelets.  Look at your Lore of the Ship book to see how real deadeyes were rigged.  You should be able to buy better ones from a reputable ship fitting supplier. It is hard to recommend a specific source since you don’t tell us where you live.  You should also be able to buy a good used book online with correct rigging diagrams.  Harold Underhill comes to mind as an author.



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Shouldn't be too hard to find authentic rigging plans for Cutty Sark given how famous she is. Just taking a quick look, I would ditch all rigging and blocks. Do as has already been recommended and by the superb Syren Model blocks. This really shouldn't be too hard to make into a great model. For 20 bucks, you got yourself a great, cheap project I reckon!






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Chris: Thank you for the info. I will follow up on the plans and get the mast rings to attach the 5 yards and clean.

and fab. a rudder.


Will keep rigging in mind. I don't like excuses but at my age, my fingers don't work in a flexible way.

I quit working on cars as I kept dropping screws and bolts.

I thank my good fortune in finding the ship and will do my best for it.


Best Wishes:



I am new to this forum and am lost on providing profile.

I live about 50 miles north west of Fort worth TX in Bridgeport TX.


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1 hour ago, Griptite said:


I am new to this forum and am lost on providing profile.

I live about 50 miles north west of Fort worth TX in Bridgeport TX.


Go to the top left of any page and you'll see your log in name.  Click on the little down arrow and you'll get this which allows you to edit your profile:

I'll note that you won't see "Moderator CP" in your profile. ;)


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