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Paper sails

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I'm looking for others input on the subject.  Do you have a technique or method you use to create paper sails.


Any tips..ie...painting...detailing....rigging...weathering...?  I am forever desiring to increase my technique base.


I know there are some good ideas out there.......share-em.



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Thanks everyone....over the years I've developed my technique...but it is always nice to couple that base knowledge with what others have created for themselves.  I am always trying to improve or at least incorporate new techniques into my own.


No one is an island...and this subject is evidence to that meme.



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My paper- or silkspan-sailmaking technique is presented here: https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/68-zuiderzee-botter-by-wefalck-finished-artitec-resin/&tab=comments#comment-47886


Note: When using silkspan for larger scales, say 1:60 and above, I first stabilised the silkspan with light coat of acrylic varnish. This allows me to cut the individual panels. With paper this first step is not needed.

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