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I've been looking at the plans for the Unite 1796 concerning the quarter galley roof and I'd be interested to know what the roof was made out of. It looks like it might be metal given the drawing has the appearance of a pattern to the pieces. However Goodwin in "Construction and Fitting of the Sailing Man of War 1650-1850" indicates that they were plank and frame although he notes construction details are unknown. I wonder if they were shingled over with cast metal given the appearance of the drawing. Ideas? Opinions?

qter galley.jpg

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Thanks for the ideas. It will remain a mystery. If I try to picture three dimensionally from the drawing, I see a raised letter H sort of with shorter upper limbs placed on a flat background. For the life of me I can not figure out why other than decorative but the configuration would not help water runoff so why this shape? I like the idea of stamped lead and would guess maybe copper.

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Many times for different details like this I look for solutions in ships that still survive and that are a source of information.. Surely that this part was covered with copper as also tiles..but in the case of USS Constitution looks like planks.




Edit: yes, are planks and covered with metal sheets..



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