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Hi, Just joined.

62 years old, live in Southern Indiana. Built models for many years when I was younger, but I've been away from the hobby for a long time.

I never built ship models before, but I have always loved ships, aircraft, anything mechanical. Air Force veteran (aircraft mechanic), recently retired from GE Aviation, where I taught jet engine mechanics. I am a deacon in the Episcopal Church and since retiring I have been serving as a chaplain for the Seamen's Church Institute. In that capacity I have been working with the towboat crews along the Ohio River. So, I am especially interested in riverboats. The skill level shown here has been awesome, I hope you can put up with an older beginner as I try to build some acceptable models.


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As one to another, welcome "old timer!" 😁 I've got a few years on you, youngster, so mind my cane, pull up a stool and let's share a pint or two!


Seriously, I joined only a couple of months ago and have found nothing but support and encouragement. The old hands here have been there, done that and provide a wealth of information. 


Have fun!

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