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Clewline attachment to Topsail yard,HMS Cheerful


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How would the clewline be attached to the Topsail Yard ?


1) By an eye then lashed to the yard.


2) By an eye with the running end passed through the eye


Lees shows the second option but that is on a model from 1692. The pix of other models are not really

clear enough to see an alternative.




Dave :dancetl6:

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Thanks Gregory,

I will just form an eye and sieze the Clewline to the yard. The Mondfeld

illustration and Chucks rigging plan don't actually show how  it's attached to the yard. Also

Lees doesn't say how in the text in his book. Likely standard practice and not worth mentioning.


Mark,the model is of the cutter HMS Cheerful scratched from Chucks' plans.


Thank you,


Dave :dancetl6:

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not sure if this helps - I have few pics as sails are being handles - i wll see if I can find  better one if you like






I have the privilege of  being on several working vessels the top one is off Plymouth UK the other one  is off Fiji !!

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