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Hi all, just wanted to say hello, i hail from England, getting on a bit now, 60 years young, have been modelling since i was a kid, yes we all remember those Airfix kits, but only got back in to the hobby when i was around 40yr, always had an intrest in World War one aircraft, built Airfix again and of course Eduards kits, even got my hands on some Wingnut Wing kits, one days i will get around to building. But also love ships so over the last few years i have been building those, some scratchbuilt in 1/350th scale, they are not works of art but i like them, i have three jobs that take up a lot of my life and find it hard to do anything never mind modelling, stress and metal health problems last year forced me to get back into doing some modelling to relax me after a long days working, and i feel a lot better for it, so i started building the Revell SMS.Emden and that brought me to this shores.

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Gidday Keef and a warm, its currently 36 Celsius here, welcome from the Land Downunder.

I can empathize with your comment re mental health. I also have some issues and enjoy the time at the bench when the Black Dog can be kept at bay.

I hope I haven't brought anyone down.

All the best with your build.


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