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Question on Picket Boat boiler plumbing. - Moved to proper forum by Moderator

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Hey out there in knowledgeville, can anyone tell me if that plumbing on the aft end of the boiler (Detail 1-6), is supposed to be a water level sight glass? I would think so but before I go trying to dig up research, I figured I'd ask here, thanks in advance, John D. AKA Sea Hoss.

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Ah, ok. It is a rather simplified version of a 1860s picket-boat fitted with a spar-torpedo.


The pictures indicate that the boiler is of the return-flue type, stoked from the smoke-box side. Most of the time such picket boats had a locomotive-type boiler that is stoked and operated from the same side I think. The fire-box is totally encased in the boiler, which explains that the lagging is going all around.


The prototype boilers would have had much more elaborate fittings, with double sight-glasses, double check valves, double feed-pumpes, manometer, safety-valve, etc.

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