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Mini Power Drill

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I picked up this drill from Amazon a while ago, and it is the best small tool for model making that I own!  It is small (6" long), operates at low rpm, and is able to accommodate drill sizes from #80 (.0135") to #22 (5/32").  This is perfect for drilling treenail holes.  Just use an awl to put a tiny hole in the wood, rest the drill bit in the hole and turn the drill on.  Excellent control, unlike a Dremel, and no more sore hands from using a pin vice, or broken bits using the manual push-action hand drill.


I cannot recommend this more highly!  And only $30!                      






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It looks identical to one I got 40 years ago, and yes, it was great and I used it for everything. My one 'improvement' to it was to tape a small bit of wood under the spot where my thumb rested to give a more positive feel to the grip. It lasted for years of heavy use and one day grew wings and vanished.



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