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How to make filler blocks

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Am in the process of building  a couple of ships but have run into a "block" with regard to the William.  As I said a little earlier, I have been away from model ship building for about 10 years and seem to have forgotten the process for making filler blocks for some of the bulkheads bow and stern.  The HMS William is a little bluff in the bow.  Would appreciate any help as I don't want to start planking until I have the fillers in place and the planking has something more substantial to adhere.  Thanks.

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There's different methods as builders use all kinds of woods.  Some use basswood and some fill in the area with a mix of basswood, balsa, and even plywood.  (I'm using the plywood and basswood myself on newest model).  Then there's those that "paint" the filler blocks with white glue, white glue and water mixed to stiffen the surface for planking.  For sanding... what Lou said.

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