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Whilst looking for someone in the uk who supplies differenttypes of wood to use for my triton build I came across the Wood Veneer Hub who have cherry veneer sheets 345cm × 18cm at 1.5mm thick  for £11.91 so I wondered if any uk members have used this site for this and wether it would be suitable for planking.

Any input gratefully received. 


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I think that the method used to cut the veneer is an important factor.

If it was rotary cut - a long blade and a BIG lathe, ( efficient and no waste to kerf )  the grain pattern is not natural and it wants to curl.

If it is sliced off on a vertical or horizontal plane - a band saw, (they probably lost more to kerf than they got as wood if it is thin)  different patterns can present.  Those who use large veneer pieces are generally looking for characteristics that are the opposite of what we want.  They want "figured" and "interesting" while we want dull and boring.

You want to look at each piece and decide what you want to show.  If it is to be painted, the grain pattern does not matter,  just how much it wants to curl.

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I am referring to the grain pattern.   If the obsession in play is trying to get wood that looks identical to real wood scaled down by a factor of 50 or more,  dull and boring is good.

Very few species come close to meeting that standard.  I got bopped obliquely in a parallel thread,  because I am a bit loose about what is acceptable quality for Black Cherry stock.  I am comfortable with low contrast grain. 

I would not be happy with a burl plank or flame edge.  I gave away to a woodworker,  a 8" x 2" 8 foot board  of what I later learned was Ambrosia Maple ( probably $100 retail ) , because the pattern was not appropriate to anything I would use.  I would not plank with that.  Some kit mfg seem to provide stock that is almost as bad. 

Black Cherry is a joy to work with in any instance.  It would be a crime to paint it.  But, while stock with "busy" grain or inclusions may not be selected for clear finish display,  it works more than well enough to use and paint.   I admit to being a heretic in that I have frame timbers in USS Porpoise 1836 (II) ( U.S. Ex. Ex.) that have inclusions and am not bothered by that.

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