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Issues with the new sections of Scratch Projects

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While I like the separation of logs into various eras, I'm finding some issues.  For example, my current log (C.Chase, Centerboard Schooner) does not appear chronologically in the list.  I posted yesterday, and today when I try to go to the log to add to it, it does not show up in posts for the last week.  I have to do a search for my title before I can locate it.  I try to check for certain logs daily, and skip over the items with earlier date stamps, and many do not show up in order.


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Thats not true at all Maury....I can see it just fine.  You may have inadvertently sorted the list somehow and it remembered that.  I can see it on the list just fine...in the order that it was updated with the others. 

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Open up the directory and at the top right is "sort".  Make sure the "Recently Updated" line is checked.

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