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All my homemade tools

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Thank you guys you are to kind  :) 

Ron, I see the lathe and is the best it can be and is pretty to you did a great job.

Fabius, I made the jigsaw stand because I don't own a band saw or a scroll saw and for now is working just fine.

Tim, the screws doesn't scratch the work piece because they are lower in the drum it self, and yes there is a system for  height adjustment you can see in the pictures-screw with a T-nut on a raising table which is attach with hinges.

Carl, I really don't have pictures how to build them but I will help you with any question even with a hand drawing  if you will.

I will be happy to help about anything, Thanks again!  :D 

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Thank you Michael and Gregory.

Michael yes that is a  motor from a sewing machine. :)

Gregory, the aluminum profiles are hand cut and then filed. The precise parts like the disc is made by a lathe machinist (I paid like 10 euro for that). The motor stand is a part from another machine I'm not sure from what really (I find this part in a secondhand store). Almost all other is made of wood or plywood.  Greetings :)

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