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How to Attach the Mast to the Yard?

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I'm not sure how to attach the yard to the mast.


I've attached a pic of someone else's model with the part I'm talking about circled in red.


So I thread some of those ball thingies and then loop it around the mast and then... how do I attach it to the yard mast? Just turn it around a couple times and then tie if off? Does anyone have a detailed picture of this?\


Thanks for any help!



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Does Lee suggest that one of the parrel rope methods is older than the other.  I would think that the one that brings the end of the parrel strop to the deck to be the later of the two.


According to Lees they are both of the same vintage. The one with the fall leading to the deck was used on yards that were raised/lowered and the other for those which didn't need lowering to furl the sail. Parrels were replaced by Truss Pendants around 1760.


Jan, most Navies copied a good idea from their opponents occasionally ;):)  .


:cheers:  Danny

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