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Name the Ship Game

RMS Olympic

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Oh, yes, that was pathetic. I did not see that line there at all... That happens when you edit picture on screen smaller than actual picture... O appologize for stupid mistake... Maybe next time...

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When i get back from the work ill do it again...


You mean: posting including the name?


From own experience I can tell: sometimes names are hidden in the clouds, in the waves, in the filename, of just plainly written on the sides of the ship.... :)



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Wayne, thank you for answering Kester's question.


No Kester, we don't include the name. That's taking all the fun out of the game.

Crackers was just fooling around a bit.


We just wait for Pav to find a good one for us to search, without including the name.


Take care,



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I think you are spot on unless you consider the name on the ship, which is not legible :-(, however it's only 6 characters. I can make out Liverpool below though.


So which of the other big four is it then? Baltic, Celtic or Cedric?


Can't find the exact picture though!


Best Tjeerd

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Nope, none of your guesses is right. She was not a troop ship in any wars, altough she was somehow involved with troops in ww1.

Hope its not too much help.

Of for now, i have to go to work. Today im going to do deliveries in londons rush hour...

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