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The NRG Online Store is having a special “Back to the Modeling Bench” sale starting on September 9th and running for three weeks to September 30th.  The sale will be an across the boards 20% discount on most all the items in the store.  Wearing apparel or other items from Queensboro are NOT included in the sale.

This sale will be available to Nautical Research Guild and Model Ship World members.

NRG members can get an additional 20% discount off the sale price by applying their Member Discount Code at the time of purchase.  Of course, the regular discount also applies to non-sale items.

These discounts will only be available for orders placed during the sale dates of September 9, 2023, through September 30, 2023. 

This sale will be for existing inventory only.  There will be no backorders or rain checks for items out of stock so plan on ordering early.  (FYI - CD’s will be discontinued as a store item once the current stock is gone.)  USB Flash Drives will replace the CD’s – some are already on Flash Drives. 

If you have been thinking about the complete sets of the Journals or the complete sets of “Ships in Scale” on USB Flash Drives, now will be the time to order them!  Check out the Practicums by Clay Feldman too.  Don’t forget we also have the complete collection of Model Ship Builder magazine on CD.

Store items not on sale include the Thin Strip Saw Jig, NRG Patches, and Steele’s Tables. 





Kurt Van Dahm






Nautical Research & Model Ship Society of Chicago

Midwest Model Shipwrights

North Shore Deadeyes

The Society of Model Shipwrights

Butch O'Hare - IPMS

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The Admiral said I can pick out my birthday present. 


Robert Chenoweth


Current Build: Maine Peapod; Midwest Models; 1/14 scale.


In the research department:

Nothing at this time.


Completed models (Links to galleries): 

Monitor and Merrimack; Metal Earth; 1:370 and 1:390 respectively.  (Link to Build Log.)

Shrimp Boat; Lindbergh; 1/60 scale (as commission for my brother - a tribute to a friend of his)

North Carolina Shad Boat; half hull lift; scratch built.  Scale: (I forgot).  Done at a class at the NC Maritime Museum.

Dinghy; Midwest Models; 1/12 scale

(Does LEGO Ship in a Bottle count?)


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I am not on the NRG board and never have been.  I didn’t learn in kindergarten how to play well with others!  Next month, I will, however, celebrate my 48th anniversary as an NRG member.  This means that I have read and in many cases remember the content of 48 years of Nautical Research Journals.  Members that have joined recently may not be aware of the rich trove of the information available in issues of the Journal published prior to about the year 2000.  While the Shop Notes from these old journals are largely available in the bound volumes that NRG sells (a worthwhile purchase by themselves) the many very detailed build logs of projects published therein are not.  These include the work of talented builders who have sadly passed on such as Harold Hahn, or are no longer active NRG or MSW members such as Eric Ronnberg and Rob Napier.  The $99 flash drive with the discount, two if you are  an NRG member is, therefore, a real bargain.  


For kit builders, this is a fraction of what you would pay for that next POB kit and a chance to become inspired by the research performed and masterpieces built by the Old Timers in the days before CAD, CNC or 3D printing.  Don’t miss it!



Edited by Roger Pellett
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The NRG also has individual articles for sale available as downloads.  If you are looking for an article on a certain topic, check out the list of available articles in the NRG store.  They plan to eventually have all of the articles from all of the Journals available, but we aren't there yet.



Mary Van Dahm

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I tried using the member discount code for some NRG flash drives but I got an "invalid code". I am assuming the code is your membership number. Am I wrong, is there another member discount code?


  Ron Wilkinson 

Ron W.

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We are running low on Half Hull kits.  If you've had your eye on this project, order it soon.  No rainchecks!  When we get more in it will be after the sale and they will be back to full price.  Here is a link to the build log for it:  https://modelshipworld.com/topic/21980-half-hull-planking-project/

Here is a link to it in our store: https://thenrgstore.org/collections/plans-and-projects



Mary Van Dahm

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This is the last week of our sale!  We've marked down our CDs even further, so get them while you can.  When the stock on hand is gone, they will be discontinued.  Great as gifts or a gift for yourself!  We also have a lot of Journal back issues available.  The more you buy, the more you save!  Complete your collection - or if you've never seen our Journal, find out what makes this premium magazine world renown.  96 pages per issue (except for pre 2018 issues which have 86 pages) with less than 10% advertising!  More articles for your money than other magazines.

Mary Van Dahm

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Hello Mary,

How do I get the discount code please?


Keep up the good work.





A model shipwright and an amateur historian are heads & tails of the same coin

current builds:

HMS Berwick 1775, 1/192 scratchbuild; a Slade 74 in the Navy Board style

Mediator sloop, 1/48 - an 18th century transport scratchbuild 

French longboat - CAF - 1/48, on hold

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