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Harvey by Nirvana - Artesania Latina - 1:50 Kitbash to a Harley not 1847

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A long time of no posting and several requests has made me to start the next Harvey project build log.

This build has been going on for some time.

Many changes and alterations has been done to the original parts, this due to material not measuring to the material list dimensions.

This picture is the latest one some ten minutes old, before uploading.

From this point I will go back to the start and explain what I have done as there are several changes, this in my best way.

Have patience with me, as this kit will be kit bashed. not knowing the final physical outcome.

This picture also shows partial of the pre-bending of walnut strips. As I am intending a single layer planking.If I fail I can go to double layer.

By putting the paper clips on each bulkhead I can there-after put soaked strips through the holes and get the right bending. ;)

Some of the pictures from this build has appeared in other topics.


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Okay to back to the beginning

When I started this kit I didn't realize there were discriminates of dimensions material list versus real items.

This resulted with added material to bulkheads but also to the deck aligned.

This picture shows how bad it was. With the aftermath and added work I should have made new bulkheads from the beginning.post-967-0-68304400-1386997788_thumb.jpg

Bulkheads and the added material.

Sorry to have the metric measure upside down.

Part list shows the bulkheads at 6mm.

Real part is much more narrow.


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How Harvey/Harley was naked :)



The mast holes was cut out using templates from the plan. I did change the rake a little to the aft, which would have been more appropriate to the time between  1790-1830 for "this type classes of ships".

There is very little of back ground history of this ships from this time.

One book to rely to when it comes to Rigging is the book of Lennarth Peterson  - Rigging Period Ship Models

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With the mast holes cut accordingly to plans (with little more rake) I added material to each side of the false keel, matching the shaved mast.post-967-0-18921900-1387001539_thumb.jpg

Now since that is done I added the masts with the "stays" getting the rake, just for visual purpose.

I added side blocks at the mast steps. post-967-0-24569300-1387001879_thumb.jpg

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Well its about time! Nice looking laminated plans you have there! Now don't you dare get ahead of me or your visitation privileges will be revoked! :P

How would you explain that to Bear? :D 

The plans are not laminated per say, but stuck in between two pieces of 4mm plexiglass.

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As I am waiting for the last game of the Olympic Ice hockey I have been working of on my Harvey for a while..... and long before, :)  ( updates has been asked for)

Planking is complete and all is with 1.5mm walnut first layer..... and only layer.

However, I do like the finish even without any finish. There is several more steps before any painting will happen.

I tried to use minimal wood filler and where it is filled, a combo of wood-filler and dust from wood has been combined for the matching.

Additional sanding is needed but I am ready to for the next step of planking.... yeah! finally! :)post-967-0-28852800-1393153116_thumb.jpg


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During a "house call at the West side of the state I also had time to work on my "Harley"

I have come to the stage of "decking" as in the picture the king plank is attached.


To simulate the caulking I used a borrowed graphite pen.


It's a tedious job doing the simulated caulking but progress is certainly on the way.


And yes, I am the one doing the job  .... :)


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Oh, forgot the thing about length of deck planks.

Since the kit is 1:50, and guessing a normal "real" plank may run in the length of 6 meters (about 6 yards) I cut the planks to 12cm.

The kit plans shows a plank length of 7cm which should be 3.5m (about 3.5 yards)

Seemed to make some sense to me. :)

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The waterways are in place.

The material for the bulwarks in the kit is 1.5mm plywood. I didn't like how the shape turned with that. Besides it is really hard to bend and get a nice shape.

But I did have 1mm card stock, using the bulwarks as templates I cut out two exact copies.

Shaping will be so much easier.



Besides the in and outside will be covered with thin walnut veneer.

Sorry for the messy table.

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