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First post Chinese junk?


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Hello everyone. This looks like a great site!

I'd like to buy my wife a nice chinese wooden model kit. She is very accomplished at making/fixing intricate things. She would like to make the junk kit b/c we lived full time on boats for 14 of the last 20 years and we love chinese junks. We won't ever be living aboard again and she'd like to build the model to remind us of the junk we almost bought.

Can anyone recommend a really good quality model about 16" long? Cost isn't an issue but quality is.

Oh yeah, we live in BC on Van. Island.

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As for as know, there are not many commercial models available of junks.

Since the hull is generally not so complex, the manufacturers produce mainly junk kits of basic level.

So the details level is generally kept low.it is not a matter of quality, but a commercial choice of the kits manufacturers.

The most decent junk model that i saw is the pirate junk manufactured by Amati.

It is a good model, but the rigging has been semplified (it is an "entry level" model).

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There's a post right down your alley, so to speak:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/5814-if-only-i-had-the-time/   I can't vouch for the site itself or the plans as we're looking into whether it's legitimate or not ( i.e.: not a pirate site).  Unless you read Chinese, you'll need to use Google Translator. 


If we determine it's a pirate site, we'll take down the post and ban any build logs.  Caveat Emptor applies.


There is the AL Red Dragon and I thought Amati (???) had one.  Not sure of plan availability, however.

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I am also interested in building a junk/sampan from scratch, but I am having a lot of difficulty in finding any plans. If anyone comes across some I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

The best plans available regarding the above type of ships in my opinion were made last century by Admiral Paris, which made a big collection of drawings (with all the informations needed for building the models).

The collection was called "Souvenir de la Marine conserves", and published in 1882.

You can find without problem for free in internet, searching around.

Are not anymore protected by copyright, since are not published actually by no-one and the author was of the end of 1800.

An Italian museum some years ago put on the web the complete series of those drawings.

Many web sites publish still them.

You can find the series of drawings for example in the following page:


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I can confirm that Amati make their junk plans available. As pointed out above, the rigging detail is far from accurate but as a starter it's not a bad design. I'm using them as a template for my scratchbuild.


Cristiano, that's a very useful resource though it might take some time to go through it all. Do you have a pointer to where the junk plans are?

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Cristiano, that's a very useful resource though it might take some time to go through it all. Do you have a pointer to where the junk plans are?


First of all, I "warmly suggest" to download all the 90 drawings, since you will discover that are a valuable source of informations for ship modelling.

Artesania Latina used a lot these drawings for its models.

You will discover many models present in the Artesania Latina catalogue on this collection.

There are oriental junks in the first 30 drawings of part 1 of the collection, but some is present in part 2, too.

Definetly I suggest to download them all.

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